It's silk purse

This song is Someone Saved My Life Tonight. My Pretend Brainstorms did! It's great!

If you are expecting the story behind this page, here it is: I got booted out of a community called Brainstorms, around May 1st 2004. so I built my own "play pretend Brainstorms" and boy does it rock! It is everything the original Brainstorms is not! Here we honor, multiple identities, observe and obey copyright, appreciate the FREE ENTERPRISE SYSTEM, and lift up those with what Brainstorms called "low social capital!" And with one small exception, all this great stuff goes on in public. If you want to join in the fun, try out some of the great links here. It takes work, but happiness is not an easy state to maintain. Let's just say it takes discipline. Are you disciplined enough for the Silk Purse. Well give it a try and see.

I don't need a community to give me space to speak. It all doesn't have to be under one roof. I can build the roof. And if I want action, I just have to post. Post early and post often!

Discipline beats tears! That is the motto of this site. This is all you need to know. Discpline beats tears, but discipline is a long hard struggle, and I have jad a long hard struggle ahead of me, to stay active and not stay silent. This site is now over six months old, and it moves from strength to strength. It just got a makeover. The original Silk Purse had to go up quickly. As a result, I cut some corners I wish I hadn't. Now nearly all of the site is free of copyright images. That is right, I respect copyright and if the public domain shrinks that is no problem for me! I can make my own images. Copyright and free enterprise encourage creativity!


This site once again needs a lot of revision. The good news is that it is actually getting some revision. I guess all sites age, and that is a very good thing.

I have a new patterage. I also have to take down some of the dead links and add a few more current ones. I'm not doing much fiction these days but that can change at any time.

This is a largely dormant vengance board: own soon....Banging Your Heart. It deals with life online and cyberculture and also toxic groups in both real life and on the net.

Here are Your Conferences

The Old Patterage
The New Patterage
The Chit-Chat Shack
Avatar Central Conference
Things Domestic
Things Creative

Miscellaneous Items

These items are on the outside because they currently have no conferences to call home. This happens when there are only one or two topics on a single subject. Well here they are...

Well the Community Web Boards have now moved in to their conferences. It is kind of where they belong in this kind of an arrangement. They are still every bit as public, active, and fun as ever. They are mainly consolidated at Play Pretend Central since the collapse of Vestris. That was a long time ago.

And here is the world famous list of miscellaneous but much loved items.

Ladies Advance (web page here)
ZC2ZC3 (web page here)
The Channeling Basket (web page is here.
Celebrate the Owner's 42nd Birthday Brainstorms Style!
We even had our own tree just like Brainstorms' only better!

Did you wonder where all silk purses come from?

I am busy working with my new patterage. This one includes Second Life since I enjoy playing it, and its attitude toward identity is diametrically opposed to that of Brainstorms. It also has

I'll move things around more and add things as I return to my roots. The cleanup process around here is slow and never ending, but the Silk Purse is both a labor of love and VENGANCE.