Caltha and Typha say 'avatar's rock!'

Yes, this conference is about avatars and personnae and multiple identities. If you've got 'em flaunt 'em. On Brainstorms they got me tossed out. Here on my Pretend Brainstorms, they have a conference all their own. Come on in and enjoy! And to go back to the main Silk Purse page, just click here. And now we have music. Is this tune appropriate or what It's Walk A Mile in My Shoes by Joe South.

Here is where you can safely discuss avatars. You know which lists let you talk about them as well as site fighting.

AND NOW THE AVATARS HAVE A COMMUNITY BOARD of THEIR OWN! Actually, they had it for quite some time. I just moved it inside where it belongs. Here is where you go to see the avatars Run Amuck and you can run amuck right along with them! It's lots of fun and no topic is off limits except spam.

This is ThadeaAnd this is Thadea. Her home page is here. You can write to her blog here. Her blog is actually here. Thadea lives in Iowa City, Iowa with her two daughters, Caltha and Typha who are holding up the logo for this page. The girls are seven and four years old respectively. Thadea's husband's name is Jacob and he is an English professor at the University of Iowa. Thadea is a pathology technician. She works full time. Ithamar is Thadea's niece, Haldis' boyfriend. She boards with the family. Thadea and Jacob also have a tortoise shell and white cat named Crocus. If you want to know more about Thadea read her blog and visit her web page. She is lots of fun.

This is HaldisAnd this is Haldis. Her home page is here. She is a student at Dartmouth College. She is studying engineering science and has just fiinished her first year. That makes her nearly a second year, not a sophomore. Haldis' parents live one on each coast and she has been living with Thadea's family since she was nearly sixteen. Haldis is a nervous not quite a wreack. Sad sack is a better word. She has a summer job on an estate just outside Oxford, Mississippi. You can visit her blog here. This is also the URL for posting to this blog.

This is OrelleAnd this is Orelle. Her home page is here. She was born December 23, 1930. She is Thadea's husband, Jacob's father's cousin. She lives in Reno Nevada with her hsuband, Herman, two snakes (Gracie and Hannah) and her cat, Saphira. She is a retired high school chemistry teacher. She is also a Cornellian. She has a daughter named Masada who was born to her late in life. She has no grandchildren and doesn't care. She often had college student nefews and niece stay as house guests. She is famous for running liberty hall. Herman likes to do home improvement projects, while Orelle is often a volunteer tutor. They both still like to go day hiking in the desert. You can add to Orelle's blog here, while the blog itself is located here.

NEWS FLASH! Haldis and Thadea are teaming up to bring Webleagues a whole new team as part of that competition's second or third reorganization. The team went up this summer and started running actively September 5th. Check it out for yourself!

Haldis has a very important administrative link. It is her email for webleagues Thadea's Thadea's email is here.

And if you don't like Avatar's too bad. It was worth it to get thrown off of Brainstorms for my avatars. I still love them and always will and think I am doing nothing wrong with them. I love this page. Maybe some day I'll get to show it to the whole world. I am publishing this page right now because I have no shame. I am proud of my avatars. They are worth more than my membership in Brainstorms every could be. Even if I get thrown out of everywhere I'll still have my avatars. They are that important to me. They are worth it. I am worth it. I matter!