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Things Creative

a straw kitty a straw turtle a straw giraffe a straw kitty a straw turtle

Well here is the replacement for the Brainstorms Creativity Conference. The links here are active even if they are not too numerous. They all, however, are very very productive which means a lot is going on here. This is one very active conference. And if you don't believe me, see the quilt that is under construction right here on the page. Now there is a wonderful project for you. This is one active pretend community! Woo hoo!

Older Role Playing Fora

YupYupYup -- Freeform Role Playing on any Theme
Malamud University -- Collegiate Role Playing at its Finest
Twystaboo -- A Literate High School and Community Role Play like you've never seen.

If you don't think modern genre role playing is for you, come and try these role play boards on for size. The style is literate, the settings detailed, and you can be as creative as you like without the admin complaining...

Newer Role Playing Fora

Betula Academy. A school for the gifted in Medora, North Dakota is the site for an epic and complex battle between the angelic and demonic and their supporters.
Olender's Lakeside Inn "Year Rounders" are teenagers left, marooned, and stashed at Olender's Lakeside Inn on an island in Lake Erie. This is the role play where your character does not have to be magical to walk on water.
Fellis School of Westchester A realistic secondary co-educational boarding school on the edge of the Big Apple.
Bikes, Kites, and All Good Stuff A wiki based role play about a teenage boy and his friends.
Bruno's Cafe where the pavement ends and the tales begin!

Other People's Role Playing Fora

Allen High School. High school in a rural Kentucky County. Watch out for those interclique rivalries. The social pressure will get you.