Song is Oh Christmas Tree. Click to enjoy.

The Multigroup Friendship Tree is Here!

This tree is my substitute for the one at Brainstorms. I miss that tree, so I made my own. The way a project like this works, whether it is a fancy java tree embedded in a caucus conferencing system or a plain old html quilt on a web page, is that one person sets it up and then asks group members for "gifts."

Thanks to Lady V and Oasis at LOTH and to Chris at RAOK who donated all but three or four of the decorations (There is still one slot left.). Without you this tree would not be possible.

The concept for a basic html tree is all mine as far as I know. The code for this page is available just by hitting view source. Feel free to use the html code to create a tree of your own. Let's plant a forest of these beauties on the net.

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Eileen H. Kramer/Roanna

A lion for the top of the tree

LadyV's Rose Chris' silver glitter

Hayden cone 1 from Chris Another Hayden ornament from Chris Santa star from Chris

blue cone from Lady Oasis Santa round one from Chris Lavender roundie from Chris

another glitter ornament from Chris silver ball from Chris at RAOK red glitter ball from Chris at RAOK A jaguar in the Christms tree A jaquard design ball for the tree