My Patterage 2009

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Well, here I am five years after I got kicked out of Brainstorms (They don't get any free publicity with a link!) and I'm still carrying out my oath of eternal VENGANCE. I guess my oath must have really been eternal, or else I am really determined.

One of the things I missed when I first got kicked out of Brainstorms was all the activity. It's hard to post to empty space, but hard DOES NOT mean impossible. Exhibitional posting requires an act of faith. After all God and I are my own best audience, and that is one powerful idea. Play pretend particularly requires a leap of faith but it also gains a momentum of its own. Play pretend could have a whole web page of its own.

To keep from being silenced by those bastards at Brainstorms, I created my first patterage in June of 2004. A lot of what I said about patterages than still holds true. A patterage keeps me pattering away when there is little response. It also keeps me supporting areas that I want to support.

In this case, that is the main goal of the new patterage. My VENGANCE WORK against Brainstorms involves supporting groups with an opposite ethos, mainly RAOK and LOTH. I used to do a lot of work with MSN Groups, but they closed their service, and I refused to migrate to Multiply. It was time to dump MSN as a landlord. This was a classic case of a big company that probably had a few Brainstormers or those similar enough to Brainstormers in its ranks oppressing ordinary net users. Let's just say there are some things I can not stomach.

This is also a much simpler patterage than the 2004 version. I know what interests me and where to go. It is also the product of what are two fairly successful campaigns. Both RAOK and LOTH are larger (in the case of RAOK) and more active (in the case of both groups) than they would be without my persistent efforts.

the new patterage

Now, all I need to do is keep up the good work. I need to stay loyal to those in my groups because they are in my groups and we share a common goal. That is not always easy. My fellow group members do things that boggle and baffle me. There are issues of third party software on Facebook and the reverse resume rears its ugly head from time to time. When one posts solo for weeks on end, one forgets about such things, but they are there. I have to remember to adjust myself to the new culture which takes work. I have to remind myself of the reason for all that work. This patterage will help me keep my eyes on the proverbial prize.

Onward and upward with VENGANCE. Passion and enthusiasm must remain the order of the day. There are no room for sad sacks on the VENGANCE road.