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It's the new Chit Chat Shack

It's the Chit Chat Shack!

No more Brainstormish names for conferences here at the Silk Purse. It's time for this conference to have a new name and a new look. Because I don't believe information wants to be free and we should cut and paste with carte blanche to improve knowledge, I am trying to dump all possibly copyrighted images within the Silk Purse. This conference gets a new look and some new links, but it is still the same great and busy place. Once again, some sites have different input and output links etc... That is the way my Play Pretend Brainstorms works.

Really Active Chit Chat
Topic Input Topic Output or Webpage
QC-L Uncowed, unbowed and uncensored. Loud and proud.. QC-L read it here or on Blogarama
LOTH Forums Region 7 It's your region. Post early and post often! LOTH is a great organization!
the RAOK Public Board and there is also the the Main RAOK Board. The RAOKgroup is devoted to kindness and they mean it! Post early and post often! Post whenever you miss Brainstorms!
The Third Rail A hard core play pretend Brainstorms board where I can converse with play pretend versions several Brainstormers. I've replaced everyone except Joe on this board. I've even replaced a few nasty people. The Third Rail has the same input and output link. It is a great place to post. It now has a new home which is a bit spartan at present.
40-55's Heart and Home This is a group of good folks without a lot of social capital (Brainstorms Definition). They are my kind of people. And best of all, this is an MSN groups. MSN does the world a fantastic service by providing low social capital (Brainstorms' definition) folks with web space, free for the asking. Not everyone can have a Caucus system with all the bells and whistles.
Etiquette Hell Here is where to go to hear kvetching at its finest. Kvetching, kicking, and complaining was always a great part of the original Brainstorms' Life Stories, so now we have it here.
Snopes Message Board Intelligent talk on Urban Legends. Head for the Containment Chamber to see glurge get a regular rip tear shred. Woo hoo!

Somewhat Less Active Chit Chat

This section of Life Stories exists to help support those with low social capital. Personal web sites require no clout, status, or intelligence to produce, yet the stories on them are as worthy of a good read as any story written at a secret web site. Also prayer requests are the great way that those with low social capital (Brainstorms definition) can tell their tale. I support that and am going to give those foks the attention they deserve! My mission of vengance against Brainstorms requires nothing less!

Gery E. Drahn's Haven of Love. I am proud to support this site because Gery maintains personnae just like I do. It is important to know whom to support.

Support low social capital folks (Brainstorms definition) in a spirit of solidarity, NOT charity. Their prayer requests are in your mail box ready and waiting. What are you waiting for?