The Silk Purse Patterage

A patterage is a tool to encourage the discipline of posting to low traffic areas. You may own those areas. You may wish to support them but it is hard to talk back when there is no one talking to you. A patterage can also encourage you to support all the areas you want to support. It helps keep me distributed evenly when I am spread too thin. A patterage is a do list for posting to assorted forums. This is a two level complex patterage. I am posting it publicly here both as a reminder to myself and to educate others in the art of building patterages of their own. A patterage quite simply tells you where to patter.

The patterage itself

Here is how the patterage works. The center four quadrants are the CORE ACTIVITIES. These are the ones I do every day. These are the ones that have priority, but they are not the ONLY activities. The outer circle which has everything alphabetized (That is a good way to make it random) is a rotation of other activities that make up my Pretend Brainstorms. I just follow the activites around and do three or four every day. This way everything gets done and I don't get particularly bored. It also makes a nice balance of words, graphics, reading and writing. If I get busy, I don't go as far and if one activity implies another, than I can skip that activity when I get to it in the rotation because I've already done it. On the ground this ought to work. If it doesn't, I can change the order or replace activities. So far this is pretty stable looking and it did not take that long to make. I think it's going to work.

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