This is is a mailing list for those who want to learn more about the voices, visions, inspiration, and thoughts inside their heads that come from some place other than their mundane self. It is a list for people who speak to the dead, aliens, elemental and nature spirits, angels, other higher beings, and their higher selves. It is also a list for those who would like to learn to channel or those who enjoy channeled material. Topics covered include types of contacts, improving one's techniques, protection from evil or negative beings, integration of channeling into every day life, channeling and standard religious practice, and how to live in a world that, at best, tolerates talking with spirits. The social, psychological, and cultural aspects of channeling are also fair game for discussion as long as those in the dsicussion accept the fact that for most of the active participants on the list, channeling is an objective and real experience and more than the product of brain chemistry or cultural influences. is the descendent of a list called I joined Channeling and was glad it was there; for in the summer of 1995, I was learning to come to grips with spirit contact. The list was a great help so when the Institute of Noetic Studies decided to disown all of its email lists, I ended up inheriting Channeling and became list owner. The list moved to Listbot and became

This page went up in 1997 about a year before the split. That was 1,000 miles and four email addresses ago. I had only sixteen bit graphics and a 486 a my disposal. Certainly, this page was due or a revision.

Then in June of 2001, Listbot prepared to evict all of its free lists including Channeling2, so it was on to Yahoogroups and a change of name. The change of name is because the list has had the "basket of many good things" as its logo for four years. The CBASK-L title reflects the short professional sounding titles that lists once had before you could pick them up like dustbunnies on the floor. Hopefully it will be a while before we get evicted again, because this time we have no where to go.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this list for me? How do I know if I channel? Are there any subjects that are off limits?
I am a skeptic. Will I be comfortable here? This is how I make my living. Will I be comfortable here? I am a devout Christian/Jew/Wiccan. Will I be comfortable here?
I would like to do research here. Is this list a good place for children and teenagers? do I sign up?
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Is this list for me?

Only you can decide this one for yourself. If you want to learn more about your friend's or your own spiritual experiences, is probably the place for you. The list is a safe place where you can seek advice, read differing points of view, learn, and grow without fear of ridicule or derision. You NEED NOT believe, agree with, or accept anything you read, but you do need to maintain a tolerant and civil attitude in order to help build a safe and enjoyable electronic community. Note: you will probably find Channeling a more rewarding list if you have some belief in supernatural or spiritual phenomena, but that is your choice.

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How do I know if I channel?

That is something that may help you decide. The list is, after all, a place where you can learn about channeling. If you are interested in channeling but doubt your own abilities, the list is still probably the place for you. Ask questions. Learn more. Trust your heart and intuition.

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Are there any subjects that are off limits?

This gets into the thorny thicket of netiquet. Channeling is a discussion list and not an unmoderated usenet group. Channeling is NOT a forum for selling your product. You are welcome to include the products and services you provide in your sig-file and mention a friend's speaking tour once or twice, but please don't give the list its first spam problem. Please don't try to proselytize. Don't resort to ad-hominem arguments. Remember that most channelers have a special attachment to their entities and enjoy bragging rights about them as well. Be careful how you criticize another's spirit friends. Don't flame. Please do not call other list members mentally ill or dismiss their channeling as a medical problem or fantasy.

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I am a skeptic. Will I be comfortable here?

To some degree all of us are skeptics. No one accepts everything they read, hear, or experience. If, however, your skepticism covers most forms of supernatural and/or spiritual phenomena, you will have to make a special effort to coexist in a community of those whose beliefs are very different from your own. While we welcome diversity and while you have as much right as any one else in the group to state your views, you will need to be able to disagree and disbelieve without showing disrespect for those who have chosen a path different from yours.

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This is how I make my living. Will I be comfortable here?

You may be a highly respected professional channeler. You may be published and famous. That will not stop amateurs such as the author of this page from questioning you and considering themselves your equal on at least some topics. If you can coexist on an equal footing with amateurs and beginners, is the place for you.

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I am a devout Christian/Jew/Wiccan etc... Will I be comfortable here?

The answer to this one is probably YES. Clearly, some topics on the list will not interest you. If, for example, you believe there is only one God, you are not going to want to try prayers to Mother Earth. If you are a Jew, talk of Christ consciousness is apt to leave you cold. Remember, members of try not to proselytize. There is room for your religious beliefs. In fact, one of the list's recurrent threads is the integration of channeling with mainstream religious worship.

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I would like to do research here.

While research is not categorically forbidden, list members' attitudes vary with regard to being human guinea pigs. Please do not leave your ethics at the front door. Ask permission before quoting any member of the list. Withhold names when requested and please follow your institution's protocols for human study and experimentation.

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Is the list a good place for children and teenagers?

Unless you insist on your child believing a carbon copy of your own dogma, is an excellent place for the child or teenager who wants to satisfy his or her spiritual hunger. Though members state their beliefs, there is little proselytizing and no one will ask your child to part with hard earned cash. Nor will anyone sell his or her name to a mailing list. As a small list, avoids much of the nasty and sexual banter that abounds in many of the spiritual chat rooms as well.

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