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Thursday, January 30, 2003

by Eileen Kramer

Well I can sympathize with nemisis. I don't like to blog when the news is bad either, though she's been a mean crabby shit for more years than she thinks. Also I'm instigating on the Ladies Advance mailing list. Yes, I am. I ought to be working but I'll just put in a brief entry.

I have two affirmative action packets on my dining room table and a nibble at Atlanta University Center. That means I have to get psyched and ready for a job interview. Right now though I'm more scaird than anything else. I think I've seen both ends of the job hunting response curve. Curve, it seems more like the peeks and valleys of a roller coaster.

Ladies Advance now has ten bona fide members. I may have two new members on the RAOK guestbook committee as well. Of course there are a ton of graphics I have yet to make but I have been so out of sorts that I haven't been able to bring myself to do that. Well, I made one this morning which means that once I have two new background tiles, Ladies Advance will have a new graphics page. That means more variety for shameless self promotion. Way to go!

Liquid2k.com has finally died. Thadea lost her web page but she had migrated it elsewhere. I also walked over to Lenoir so I would know in advance what was done with Van's office. I found John Davis has it and there is no trace of Van's memorial left. This leaves me sad and relieved. I got my poking out of my system. Also I learned that Dr. Lucas is not in Van's old office. She's several doors away. I don't think I was scaird over nothing.

I also think I am scaird because Van is uneasy. It took me a while to figure this out. It's not something one wants to admit even to oneself. I could handle the suyih which kills my appetite. I've had appetites change before when channeling but this business of sharing fear is new. Well it's there and it has to go so I walked over to Lenoir to desensitive myself. It worked a little. If Dr. Lucas had been in Van's old office, it would have worked too. If there was still a memorial up, I would have felt sad and good at the same time instead of sad and relieved. My trip to Lenoir made me think about spiritual influence. Strange thoughts huh....

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

by Eileen Kramer

I GOT DINGED TODAY! Need I say more. It happened via email. The jerk who wrote the letter did not even bother wasting a stamp. I guess budgets up there in Illinois are tight. I don't know why it happened since I was well qualified, nearly overqualified for the job. That temporarily brings the magic number down to six.

Boo hiss! I managed to find some more openings. One may be stale. Two are in smaller towns. I know a friend who is an administrator at one of the universities where I'm going to apply. Right now I hurt too much to do much work on cover letters. I'm demoralized though I did hunt down the openings. This is the first filled quad sheet in two months. The hard part is that two of these openings require applications. I'm going to figure out how to turn a PDF file into Word. I really want something different than the job I currently have.

So there it is. I'm ready for more exposure and more rejection. No wonder I'm throwing myself into ladies groups with wild abandon. I need an antidote, though tonight, I'm even too down to do graphics. It will pass.

Monday, January 20, 2003

by Eileen Kramer

OK, here I am with a day skipped or nearly so, just a late night posting. My nemisis and I are even steven as they say. I made cole slaw with green olives and gorgonzola cheese dressing tonight. Georgia eats the dried out flowers. The pointsettia by the desk is setting fruit. I ordered Down to Earth Sociology yesterday and can't wait until it arrives. Unfortunately, it looks like I'm going to have to wait a week.

Kindness Speaks from RAOK dropped into my mailbox. It is full of prayer requests, yet the only thing that came through the Angels of Kindness is a week-old bereavement. This woman showed up on my Region 7 Prayer Request List for LOTH twice and I sent her email cards both times. I'm glad because I was able to sign her guestbook this time around.

I have made up my mind to take up the slack and answer those prayer requests as if they were coming through Angels of Kindness. Hopefully people will get used to using the committee form when they are in need of support, but it takes time. Right now they're using Kindness Speaks instead.

Right now I'm working on shameless self promotion for Ladies Advance. I'm on site number four which is number two of its chain. I've not had much luck with chaining this weekend though I've seen some interesting sites. Nearly all of them have an "about me" section that reads like a resume, except it lists family life near the top and everything else subordinate. I am suddenly a person with an empty resume, unless of course these pages don't get read as resumes.

This of course is an open question. How are "about me" pages perceived? I perceive them as resumes, but that probably has to do with a history of professional employment that includes search committees. A resume is a make or break document. It is combed for various important nuggets. The first one, the make or break nugget, is whether the person is working in the field at a position similar to the one we are advertising. If he/she is, he/she goes to the right side of the pile. After that the process of picking and choosing gets more subjective. The short list gets its references called and then the remaining one to three candidates get a paid full day interview at which they do a presentation and sit before several panel interviews.

An "empty" or inverted resume, such as my own beach head is a major handicap, but what if an about me page is not a resume, but if it is not a resume, what can it be? It can't be unimportant or those creating them would not follow the same formula. The formula has to have meaning. What meaning does it have? The only hint I have is that I am not a search committee. I can not make or break anybody who makes an about me page. I do not pigeon hole them unless their spelling is atrocious and their web site a nonloading monstrosity. I find that out long before I get to the about me page.

Otherwise, I don't really pass judgement on the married with kids folks. What I sometimes also do is look for holes in the story. The story of a young man killed in a motor cycle accident who graduated from high school at age twenty and about whom no academics are mentioned may not have been much of a student. The woman whose lights of life are her husband and grand daughter (no mention of the parents who produced the grand daughter) must have some relationship with her own child. Holes don't come up that frequently. They are just there. There is not much I can do about them. My own about me page has a hole you can drive a truck through, if you want to look for holes.

Well my shameless self promotion chain just snapped. I hit a duplicate site. It was one of the first sites where I promoted Ladies Advance. Oh well....this means I get to do a bit of back support work and write some Ghostletters and that's it. I don't know if I'll get back to shameless self promotion tonight or not.

Saturday, January 18, 2003

by Eileen Kramer

I RAOKed until I dropped yesterday and even shamelessly self-promoted. That's probably what I'll do tonight. I think I am reaching the point where Ladies Advance needs new graphics. I'm not sure I'm in a mood to work on them since I put up a new patter page today. I also applied for two more jobs. That brings my grand job hunting total to seven. Seven is said to be a lucky number, but I want this number to grow.

I'm making spinach, eggplant, TVP lasagne right now. I make cabbage and gorgonzola salad tomorrow. I guess it's going to be a good food day. I feel a bit guilty about not calling my boyfriend so I may sign off and do that afterwards. Shameless self promotion at 28.8 is really slow. I'm waiting for the spinach to cook through so I can lay out the lasagne and get it baking. I've been nibbling at it as I've been cooking it because I am so hungry. I think it is the bitterly cold weather. Brrrr.....

The cats are even sleeping more than usual, huddled in their balls of fur. Georgia ate this evening so I know she is eating. She wanted some of the TVP. I guess that soy stuff is more meat than meat if my cat likes it. What can I say. Hertzel is not half the beggar Georgia is. OK, that's it. I'll think of more later.

Friday, January 17, 2003

by Eileen Kramer

I finally made it to the grocery store. I had hoped to do some RAOKing or a bit of shameless self promotion but I've done neither. I'm done with dinner and reasonably full and totally exhausted. Randy gave me a ride to Publix. That was sweet of him. He's one of our paraprofessionals.

They had both rappini and good apples at Publix, so I don't have to go to Atlanta this weekend. I don't know what I'll do. Yes, I do. Job hunt. I'm securely employed. I just want something better. It's not easy. It's a constant risk of rejection, not that I'm not tough enough to take it. I feel like I'm being pulled in fourteen different directions. That is very stressful. I can't even meditate decently and right now spirit contact would feel so good.

I feel like I ought to be grieving a terrible loss which is really bizarre given my objective situation. I just sent my third webliography to Diana this week. She just came back from burying her mother who was sick forever, but that is another story. I got the backlog out of the way in the RAOK guestbook. I am going to schul tomorrow. There is good food in the apartment. There is now a balanced and complete set of pressies in my RAOK galleries. Then why do I feel as if I've lost something?

It's not Ladies Retreat. Ladies Advance is in many ways a perfect or improved substitute for that old list. It isn't the crap that happened on Future Culture last week. I picked up RAOK Circleof Friends and Something Beautiful is Happening to Me to supplement a list that isn't meeting my needs. My needs do come first. Maybe it's just sleep deprivation. Maybe this will all look better in the morning. I sure hope it does. I face the Chemistry Browserama or the Chemistry Webliography tomorrow. And then...it'sthe job hunt.

Wednesday, January 15, 2003

by Eileen Kramer

Well more tonight. I guess I'm fixing to miss the grocery store. I don't really care about shopping since there is enough to eat in the apartment. I can go tomorrow night if I want. I have figs and dried peaches and canned fish and frozen veggies plus half a squash. There is plenty of bread. Of course there is no cooked main course. That is sad indeed.

In other news, I got the RAOK guestbook straightened out. Since I sign everything when I put the roundup together, I don't have to go back and police it. I don't care if my members work or sit on their tails. It makes me just as happy if they sit. It is nice to see the guestbook with no backlog.

I found two stray pressies for the RAOK galleries, and made another. The collection is weak in a few places, but I'll fix that with time. I didn't get to do any shameless self promotion today. Maybe I'll do some tonight. It looks more and more like I missed the market. I'll have to do some cooking another day. I'll also be better able to plan the shopping around a trip to Atlanta for Saturday if I really decide to go up there.

by Eileen Kramer

Tweak, tweak, tweak that template until it looks good. It's now blood red and kahki, two standby colors that fit my mood. Ah yes, I'm stupid, mean, crude, and bad. Get used to it. OK, not much else to say. This is more ore less just a dry run to make sure everything still works. OK, let's publish. More tomorrow.

by Eileen Kramer

OK, I have to remember to let this blogger do the line wraps. This may be the best blog in the world but I'm a bit rusty in the mechanics of blogging.

So what is today's hot topic. It's the one that a poster refused to let go public on the mailing list. Well, there's no harm in bringing it up here. Can you support the troops without supporting the war? And what is so damn great about supporting the war anyway? Not supporting the troops was one of the things that helped end the war in VietNam. A hostile homefront may be a necessity.

But let's backtrack though. What in the heck does "supporting the troops" mean? Well, first if you are a US citizen living in the US you can't NOT support the troops without going to jail. Huh....It's called paying taxes. About fifteen percent of everything I earn goes to the federal government. Out of that, a big chunk is defense and it supports the troops. I don't have any choice.

Does supporting the troops mean being courteous to soldiers and returning vets? OK, I live in a military town so I'd have to be rude to a lot of people at work and down at K-Mart and over at Publix to NOT support the troops.

Does supporting the troops mean volunteering or giving money to the local USO. I wonder if there still is a USO. Does it mean making up care packages to send to soldiers? Wait, shouldn't my tax dollars be supplying the troops with shampoo, novels, chocolate bars and stuff like that?

Does supporting the troops mean "watching what I say?quot; It had better not, because I think this imminent war in Iraq which is old before it starts is one of the dumbest and nastiest ideas in a long time, and having to shut up because it makes military families feel bad is not going to cut it around here. If the back channel poster does not like this, she is going to have to stand up to me in public.

The enemy is about to redo her blog, so this one may get a facelift too. I'll be hunting for new graphics for the corkboard at work. I decided six months is long enough to keep a design. I like the design of this blog though so I'm not sure I want to change it.

by Eileen Kramer

OK, ready, set go. I'm BACK and guess who is going to get blogged. See it right here, my favorite ladies group leader. Hello my old nemisis. Hello fearless leader. You've just been blogged by me and there is nothing you can do about it.

I've been blogging longer than you and here at QC-L I'm the pro. I'm going toe to toe with you entry for entry. You may have a sore throat but I had sore tits. Yes, they felt huge and tender and thought, I was going to face another trip to the doctor's and they were going to have a hard time figuring out what was wrong with me. I hate stuff like this. For some reason it wasn't registering how crabby I felt or that I was waking up soaked in sweat. Well, I got nasty cramps coming down Auburn Street as I headed to CVS to pick up an unrelated prescription and I thought, I ought to check to see if I have my period. Well, I was a bit surprised since it has been less than twenty-eight days. I am trying to figure how long the cycle was. It is somewhere between twenty-one and twenty-six days. I don't remember when I got my period in December. I think it was the 19th or the 22nd. I think I would have remembered getting it as a Christmas present.

The funny thing is that this is so far an absolutely normal period except for bad cramps which the naproxen obliterates. My tits hurt for about a week before. I sweated. I don't know if I had very many zits. I usually have an easier time of it when my face breaks out. Maybe the antibiotics I took for my mastitis brought on an early period. Well at least my tits don't hurt any more. I can go back to running around braless. Bras don't make sense in the winter time.

It's 2:16 am and I need to get back to bed. I don't feel at all like sleeping. I redid all the RAOK pages at Unfettered Soul. At least this blog is secret and unspidered. I can say what I want here. I'll be writing more tomorrow. This blog still needs a niche of its own. I may have found it.