Calendar and Patter Prompter for May 2005

A very basic calendar for May 2005

At This Season

Dahar Jamail calls Iraq a "bloodocracy." It has gotten so unsafe there that he reports from Jordan. Now, the National Review says "We're Winning" on the cover. That may be true but at what cost.

Ward Churchill was not fired for writing On the Justice of Roosting Chickens. He, however, is being investigated for academic fraud and pretending to be an Indian. I'd say a significant portion of the site fighting and mailing list population is guilty of that, though Mr. Churchill actually does it with some class and makes a living at it. One has to give him credit where credit is due. Someone checked their facts, and found a small time scoundrel hanging out in academia. That is not that hard to do, but that is what they found.

I have a new kitty named Lysistrata. I called her that because I saw the play at Columbus State a few minutes before I got her. She is like the fine Greek heroine except she was pregnant. Well the vet took care of that. Lysistrata is permanently out of the kitten making business. It is amazing how big and tall and how much presence a little six and a half pound kitty can have. She gets up on the furniture. She nuzzles your face and hands and toes. She plays with your arm. She stares you right in the eyes. The one thing she does not do is meow socially. Once and a while she can't help herself and a little burble or meow slips out, but only when she is very excited. I miss Georgia's loud voice.

The list rent is due in June. I will pay it because I enjoy having the list and I enjoy working on these pages. I should do more of this. I owe myself an award today and I'll see I get one. If you want an award ask me and I'll make it or you can just give it to yourself.

Pitter Patter Patter Prompter

Patter is a system of ideas of conversation for slow moving lists or for those times when you just don't know what to say. At Ladies Advance patter is arbitrary and voluntary. It is fun though so here it is...

The Recipe Post a recipe for something you made or something you would like to make or just talk about food. I realize I am the only one around here who seems to cook, but hey if you can't go through life as a stomach with feet, life is just no fun.

The Quilt I admit it. I cribbed this idea from Trace which is a writer's group. They call it Noon Quilt. The idea is very simple. Just write down something about the weather outside or your surroundings inside.

Send the List a Card! Every one loves greeting cards. Just avoid the obvious traps such as Flowgo and Funstun.

Current Events Tell the list what you think about anything having to do with world affairs or affairs in your home town.

The Rant/Rip-Tear-Shred Complain, kvetch, whine, vent, or moan. You can also rip up a piece of glurge.

GRATITUDE Name five good things happening in your life. Try and make them real things and not just stuff that sounds good. For example, most people are not glad they are alive unless they have narrowly escaped some sort of mishap or unless something very good has happened to them.

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At This Season

Pitter Patter Patter Prompter

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