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I have been a member of ladies groups since early 2000. Why would any one join a group that demands that one always be on one's best behavior when posting and/or which ruthlessly moderates posts? What does one gain by watching what one says? You gain:

ACCESSIBILITY Any one who is female and sometimes also males, can join most ladies groups. The guidelines are broad. There are many activities (often called committees) and you do not have to be particularly clever or able to parry insults or play intellectual games to participate. It really does pay to be a member of a club most concerned individuals can join.

VALUE FOR THE TRADITIONAL FEMININE In a ladies group, members are not valued for their achievements at work or school as much as for their nurturing role. Graphics are feminine and so are list topics that include recipes, crafts, and other pursuits often missing on

GRAPHICS Are you tired of plain old plain text email? Then join a ladies group. Make pressies, graphic gifts, design dedication pages and more. Feel your graphic skills expand with practice and your creative energy come to life.

And no, ladies groups (with the exception of Ladies Advance), DO NOT replace traditional email discussion lists, but they make a valuable addition to one's social internet connections.

Most of the pages here are pressie galleries, that hold images used for guestbooks or at the Unfettered Soul postcard mill. The Defunct Groups page is a little different. Enjoy! The newest pages have the title "No Silence."

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