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Ladies Advance Award of Uncommon Courage Ladies Advance Award of Uncommon CourageI am a person who believes in carrying grudges and not letting go or moving on. Two years and three months ago, I was officially thrown out of a group of web boards called Brainstorms. Well, I built myself a pretend Brainstorms and I have no regrets as I post loud and long in my pretend community. Sometimes playing pretend gives us power. This is why adults don't like to see children doing it. On the web, the pretend can almost be real. Even one year and two weeks after the fact, I am proud of what I did both at Brainstorms and with my pretend version, so I proudly post my two Ladies Advance Awards of Uncommon Courage you see here. Way to go! Woo hoo! Everyone should know they matter enough to give themselves awards. The awards we give ourselves are always the best.

My experience with Bainstorms taught me that I don't really need an audience beyond what a small web page like this gets. I just keep up my talk and my attitude and my message because I matter. If you have something in your life and you don't want to let it go, get yourself a web page, or keep a journal or a blog, and keep proclaiming your message loud and proud as I do!

News Flash: There are now two boards for exBrainstormers and others harmed by toxic online communities. Please visit Banging Your Heart or The Veldt.

I have began revising this website because it needs it. Some of the revisions have been graphic. The "web set" I replaced on this page was nearly eighteen months old. It was also of questionable copyright provenance. Unlike Brainstormers, I staunchly believe in and defend intellectual property. The first step towards being decent to fellow human beings is refraining from theft, even if it is easy.

My personal Beachhead and the Unfettered Soul Library of Links both received revisions this week. That means this is a working and up to date web site, well mostly. The next task is going to be a graphic revision of my Pressie Galleries.

A web site as old as this one, and six years is ancient for a web site, is bound to be more museum and archive than anything else. The important thing is that it stays a living and working museum and archive, a kind of cross roads of past and present that still has a future.

Of course this is still the pretty good size web site with the extremely pretentious name, yet maybe the name is oddly appropriate after all. I started Unfettered Soul as a place to run a web board that discussed spirit communication, and as a place to display excerpts from my spirit contact logs. I was a person who could listen to the dead. Laugh if you want to or disbelieve me.

Sometimes I think that spiritualism was only the beginning of my journey. In January of 1999, I joined The Site Fights and was introduced to the world of web site competitions. I had spent most of my time on intellectual mailing lists except for Cbask-l@yahoogroups.com and trips to the SpiritWeb chat rooms. At Site Fights, I learned about web site competitions and was deeply impressed with web site competitions' ability to bring all kinds of people together. A less than pleasant experience with Site Fights, prompted me to start ZOID CITY Commnity and Community Competition.

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The third major change in my life on the net, and perhaps a deeper change in my life in general came when I joined RAOK. If you come from an intellectual background, it is easy to dismiss ladies groups and their members as brainless denziens of the "trailer park of the internet." Those who make such a dismissal have stuffed their ears with wax to what is an authentic female American voice. They prefer to think of a women's voices as those of middle class politically savvy left wing educated females. They forget that other women count too, that there are more of them, and that they just might have something worthy to say.

I do not always agree with what I hear at RAOK or LOTH or what I see on members' web sites, but I think I understand it. I love the graphic sensibility. My graphics have improved just from watching and then trying to make elements of what I see fit my own style. On this site, you will find several pages of guestbook "pressies." used with RAOK, Life's Survivors, and Friends' United.

Also while the creed at RAOK and LOTH may seem idealistic, simplistic, or the product of fantasy, those who say that and walk away fail to see the power of hope for something better and the worthiness of taking action, even if it is only small action, to make that world a better place. Who knows if the ideal of a world in which we are all friends and gratitude receives the reward it deserves is attainable. All I know is we can make the world a better place by believing in our ideas and then acting on them.

I hope that those of you who are disturbed by reading this, take another look at RAOK or LOTH. The membership is tolerant enough to accept most anybody, and if there are activities that make you uncomfortable, you are free to avoid them. Do what you can? Listen and learn? You will fit in if you believe it is possible to do so.

Also in November of 2002, I found myself booted out of a group called Ladies' Retreat. I'm not sure they are still in business, but I told the owner that she and her group could be replaced. What I started was Ladies Advance, a no-holds barred ladies grouop style discussion list for any one who likes intelligent conversation or reasonable forwards. We're up, still running, and a year old and have a discussion list in paid space with genuine Listserv software.

Back to the top of the page.

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What's New at the Unfettered Soul

As mentioned above, this really is the start of a major revision. The library on this site, is the next place to get revised. This revision will proceed slowly as I am involved with a lot of other projects.

Well there is only one contest left on this page. Public Domain Music Page carried several sub-Saharan African midi. One of these, Zira Zira, is now our new theme song. There is nothing like the satisfaction at the end of the hunt. Rare midi are one of my passions.

I'm going to leave the anti-war graphics up because I haven't changed my mind about US imperialims in the Middle East. I guess this is kind of an "I told you so."

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