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Friday, February 21, 2003

by Eileen Kramer

Guess what I just did. A redesign with space for links, music, and lots of fun stuff. What is a blog for if not for a bit of fun? Well, this is a nice jarring, contemporary design and it is easy to do. It's just three small web tiles. I made them using a piece of artwork by Sol LeWitt. It's just a pencil sketch but I splashed it on to bright colored backgrounds and did some cutting out. The rest is just old fashioned table code. Not bad...and it went up lickity split.

Right now I'd like to send a big boo-hiss to Topica for offering poor and scrubby service on their mailing lists. They plan a downage with very short notice for tomorrow. Hopefully this will improve service. I do not look forward to paying for email for Ladies Advance though I think it might be a very wise move over the longterm. Free services are likely to no longer be able to serve large, growing, or noisey groups. Why not create communities and make them corporate. Why let volunteers do the job? This is not a glorious or pretty future for the net. Hey I know who is getting on the template. Oh yes do I ever...

by Eileen Kramer

Hello blog. If Nemisis can blog then so can I. She wants a baby, imagine that, Nemisis a mother. Well, it happens to dogs, cats, birds and flies. The state of procreating is not special. A baby pukes, mewls, and is a fairly unappealing creature. Toddlers and small kids are cute. Teens are handsome, but babies.... I hand reared a kitten and having anything that helpless on your hands is scarey.

All that aside, you can't tear a baby down and start over when you get tired of it. Having worked for Nemisis I know what she did to inactive members in the now defunct Group of Many Names, and a kid is like your old support group leader, recalcitrant. You can't fire her or demote her, not your own flesh and blood. You'll be stuck with her. Maybe Nemisis should have a kid after all, though I do pity the kid.

Nemisis is even letting her old domain name expire and rebuilding her web site from scratch because she has "outgrown" it. Wait a minute. Haven't you ever heard of revising something? Unfettered Soul dates from 1998 and I have no intention of tearing it down or giving it up. I just redo pieces of it from time to time. It also has a scalable, modular design which simply does not age. Text links and a sidebar is basicly an eternal design.

And speaking of design, this blog needs a redesign in the worst way. It was a rush job. It was a fun job, but I want something with a bit more depth as well as some links and music. I have fallen in love with the art of Frank Stella and also Ellsworth Kelly. I don't know if I'm in the mood for a wholesale rip-off yet. I mean I do have a bit of self respect but I like the style so well. It just feels good. Oh well, imitiation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

by Eileen Kramer

Well I'm getting bad about keeping this up to date. That is because I spend most of my time with bloggy posts going to Ladies Advance. Such is life. I think this blog is going to go back to its original purpose as serving as a focusing forum for RAOKing. They say never let your right hand know what your left hand does. That comes out of Scripture.

On the other hand, there are times when the right hand needs to get steadied and guided. That's why writing about this stuff is good. It's not that hard. I blogged some French pages today. I'm going to be doing more of that tomorrow. The graphic style is totally different. I feel like I have stepped across a huge cultural divide. I guess I am more American than I think.

Saturday, February 01, 2003

by Eileen Kramer

I'm not sure where this is coming from. I know about spirit stuff and this is not spirit stuff. This is more complex and goes to some very deep roots.

I'm a RAOKster through and through. I groveled to stay with that organization. I've risen through the ranks. Elaine http://www.desireeishope.com is a member of both RAOK and LOTH and both she and her daughter are in the hospital quite ill.

In this situation, a special get well page is something that usually crops up. So far both Desiree's LOTH region and the RAOK hugs committee have dropped the ball.

This frustrates me no end. I have even found excellent graphics for the page set. I keep saying "NO!" I have Ladies Advance and I'm head of the RAOK guestbook committee. Isn't that enough? I also run ZOID. I give new meaning to the word full plate.

Also I've seen Elaine on Circle of Friends, RAOK's chat list. She is perfect at getting the kudos of her listmates. Do I feel jealous? I don't write bad poetry like that. Elaine's poetry flat out lies, but they lap it up like a cat laps milk. If you want to get an idea of the tone of Elaine's work on the list then visit http://www.poetry-emotion.com

The reason Elaine's poetry lies is that it simply does not describe reality or acknowledge it. An example was a long freeverse peon to the list as her best friend and how she could cry before us and bear her soul before us and how we were all there to support her. All I could think was "you don't know me from a hole in the wall. Your stuff just lands in my inbox. I'm not your friend yet."

Or there was another poem about gentle breezes at evening and Jesus guiding the way. It came out about a week ago during a cold spell that gripped most of North America. There were record setting cold temperatures in Georgia and I am Jewish on top of it all.

Elaine is fantastic at getting attention on her own. What does she need me to help her? On the ohter hand, Elaine is now sick and something ought to be done. I've already signed her guestbook. I figured that would be enough.

In the world of RAOK those who do not have children or aging parents and who are healthy are low status individuals. The only way we gain status is to serve and support those of higher status. I want to shine with status.

Gack, I have enough to do and this quest for status is futile. I'll never have as much as someone like Elaine. Maybe I will write to Chilady and see if the Hugs Committee can do anything about a page for Elaine.