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Thursday, August 29, 2002

by Eileen Kramer

Well, I'm hoarse from the flu but I slept ten hours and still feel wiped out. This flu is going to drag on forever. I wish I weren't so sick. I have a page set up with five gifts for the RAOK Friendship Parade. I also have the URL for the page of participants. I get to visit lots of pages and guestbooks.

I RAOKed twice yesterday. One was an anniversary page advertised in LOTH Tidbits. The other was a rather skanky page asking for money for meds for a sick kid. There was just a Pay Pal link, no bank or fraternal order. I don't want to say more about the page. I signed the guestbook at both sites.

OK, that's not the news. The news is that Carlton King of Seale, Alabama died. Carlton was an inventor, cabinet maker, library pest, and all around decent sort. He asked a lot of reference questions but his taxes paid my salary. I never forgot that. Even my colleague, Erma, knew Carlton had "aspirations" Carlton died "at his home" August 15, 2002. He is buried in a church cemetary in rural Alabama. I will miss Carlton. His obit is on the stall wall that surrounds my colleague, John's, enclosure in the Work Room.

I wonder if I am well enough to begin working out at the fitness center. I paid ten dollars a month for it. Then I came down with the flu. I figure a fitness center with its machines and lots of other people working out is just what I need to take more exercise. Walking alone on hot streets is just not for me any more. Of course it would be good to have my walkman today because the radio in the fitness center is always blasting away.

I still just feel like crawling off and going to sleep. I don't feel like voting for Thadea or scoring at ZOID. Being sick is a total bummer.

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

by Eileen Kramer

I am warm for the first time all day. I've got the flu and I'm wiped out. You already know...well that's how I'm coming along.

I did indeed sign up for the RAOK Parade of Kindness and Hope which means I'll be making some pressies. I'm not sure I have room on any existing pages. When am I going to find the time. My job is work, eat, sleep, and take care of ZOID and Thadea's voting.

If you want to see an unholy mess, click here. There's no competition set up. I don't know how they plan to be ready by Sunday night. All I know is Thadea's NOT fighting there. It's the same administrators who let newbies twist in the wind and didn't tell them whether they qualified. This is NOT the competition that Thadea signed up for. Thadea has yet to see competition stickers in the email so who knows what is happening.

It will be very good not to be fighting any more and that is going to happen soon. I have to get ZOID's schedule adjusted for the High Holy Days. I am going to suggest fighting during Christmas break. Christmas is a Thursday so a cycle that runs 12/27- 12/31 is a possibility. This would depend upon who is in town and has free time. This dead time can be excellent for fighting or utterly unworkable.

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

by Eileen Kramer

Rope gift for LeiLani I guess I did the right thing apologizing to Tina. I got to stay in RAOK and Hugs Committee again is active. I made this as a graphic gift for a woman who had a stroke and whom I presume is recovering. It's nice to do stuff like this again. This graphic made itself. The idea was just so simple. There is really not a lot to it. Finding the image with the rope in it was the hardest part. For some reason good rope is one of the toughtest things to find on the web.

I have a terrible cold that is right now leaving me feeling feverish and crawly skinned. I thought it was just a chest cold. Somehow I am going to have to survive the week with this and even teach with this. I'm a bit scaird and that is an understatement. I hate being sick. I promised Orelle I would take more exercise. I even signed up for the fitness center at work and now here I am very very sick.

I am still debating whether to sign up for the Parade of Kindness. Orelle would say "go for it." I enjoy graphics and should do what I enjoy. It is good to have a loving aunt who understands. Oh well....fictious characters don't usually get sick.

The other news is my watch is broken, so is my cell phone. I feel betrayed by all these mechanical contrivances. The watch is supposed to have a lifetime battery in it. It looks like the life time battery suffered an early demise. Right now I'm going to say "the heck with the walk." I'm cold and just want to be warm. I hope the naproxen kicks in soon. I feel like crap.

Sunday, August 25, 2002

by Eileen Kramer

I saw my mother off with just one fight. I want to come and see her at Christmas. She is not thrilled about that, and niether am I. I have money and could go to any city in the north and say I went to see my mother. No one at work would be any the wiser. I might just pull off such a thing off. Of course visiting my exboyfriend and my netfriend would be a great substitute.

It's been one very weird weekend. Let me leave it at that. I just think my mother might have found it just as weird. Unfortunately, I am pretty much bereft of a mother. Now my mother does not tell me what to do. She has no call on that. She doesn't support me. I have learned this only slowly from other daughters that mothers control but in exchange give support. I am glad I have no grandchildren and so is my mother who does not want to take the supporting role, and would be a terrible grandmother. Her boyfriend feels the same way about his own grandchildren or at least this is what she tells me.

I need to start looking for a man who has children from a previous marriage and a functional traditional family. I also need to cultivate relationships via the net with older women who come from traditional families. I have one in mind. I need a mentor to do what my mother either can not or will not do.

In the meanwhile, I am going to be my own mentor. I have created an imaginary mother substitute. Here is her web site. She has been around for awhile because I can't get my mother interested in updating her own website so it is easier to update a website for an imaginary mother figure. Well Orelle is now my mentor. I bought the Orelle Mobile Unit at Big Lots. It is a simple composition book and in it I write what Orelle might tell me. I role play and it is amazing what comes out. Orelle tells me what to do, unlike my mother. Now I can have conversations with Orelle any time, not just when I am at the computer. I just whip out my mobile unit and write. I wish I had thought of this simple idea sooner.

Also, unlike my mother Orelle believes in God and the immortality of the human soul. Our politics are the same, so there is nothing we CAN'T discuss. Orelle is also interested in the net and is a member of Shadowdancyrs. We have a lot in common.

Orelle tells me what to do, but Orelle supports me as best she can. I am not sure if she is like an adequate mother would be. She is what I guess one would be like. I sure as hell would like the support. I would accept the control. Well, no one has offered me the deal of support in exchange for control, and I'm sure there are times when the support gets offered, it might not be enough. I listen and do what Orelle says because she is my beloved aunt. Here are Orelle's instructions to me. She said to write this list on my blog and finish it.

  1. Get home.
  2. Open new cat food.
  3. Meditate.
  4. Revise Thadea's voterie from BOTA to Fantasy Fights
  5. Vote BOTA
  6. Run board.
  7. Finish Revisions
  8. Make Hugs Committee Graphic
  9. Send out reminders.
  10. Score ZOID at 10:30pm.
  11. Make two prepacked lunches. (I work a 12 hour day tomorrow)
  12. See about those lab tests.
  13. See about joining the fitness center on campus.
  14. Check for walkman batteries.

It's not very exciting but it's what Orelle suggested and I listen to Orelle's suggestions. They are small things but they lead to larger ones. Orelle knows my plans and is helping me carry them out. Watch this blog for more Orelle news.

Saturday, August 24, 2002

by Eileen Kramer

I spent a whole day with my mother. I even got to swim at her motel. She really is quite sick, a real walking wounded. God, I hope that thyroid medication starts working. She's alternately skipping meals and pigging. I don't know what she does at home. She's not quite all there. I'm a bit scaird for her. I dont' care if she sees this. She knows how I feel and she never reads this blog anyway.

I did two RAOKs tonight. Actually I'm in the midst of one of them. It's an up RAOK. The other is a down one from a woman who wouldn't read my blog. Well she got burned out in a huge fire that made the CBC. She got one of my famous thinking of you cards. It's hard to get back into RAOKing after all the crap with the grievance committee. I'm still undecided about whether to do the Parade of Kindness and Hope. I could organize my own using any and all of my mailing lists. What do I need RAOK for. On the other hand, recipients of the Parade want their guestbooks signed.

My mother wanted to see a Wal-Mart. I got juice and kitty litter. She really didn't want to explore. I think she found it an overwhelming mob scene. She wanted crusty Italian bread. Yeah, sure. This is Columbus, Georgia. I never buy the stuff myself. It's just too crusty. I like soft American style bread, especially Arnold's whole wheat.

Wow! I just found the best Corbis card. It has a gyroscope on it. It's just perfect for RAOK recipient #2. Away it goes. I've got a chest cold and I want to crawl into bed and just die. It ithces and tickles when I breathe. Sometimes I don't know I have this cold at all, but then at night the symptoms return. Coughing at night in bed gives me nightmares. It also makes it VERY HARD to meditate. I hope I can sleep tonight. I need it.

Tomorrow I see my mother off. I'm glad I am still young and healthy enough to sleep late. Maybe my meditating and spiritual practice help cure insomnia. Well stranger things have happened.

by Eileen Kramer

I've heard nothing from my guestbook committee successor so I guess I'm just stuck with the thing until Kind Soul ousts me. Yeah, I hate pseudonyms of course, except my own. I'll probably do a guestbook committee round up early this week.

RAOK Hugs committee has a new project so I get to try out something new. Right now my graphic imagination feels dry. Of course the leader of one my email groups has a sick child. The kid is in ICQ. I wonder if doing a page for the two of them is appropriate. I think it is a bit much. A corbis card would be much better.

Meanwhile a RAOK opportunity dropped into my lap so I guess it's card sending time. One nice thing about RAOKing is that it makes the world simple. My real life is disgustingly complicated. I have a chest cold that is reacting badly to all the chemicals I used to clean this apartment to get ready for my mother. I even made food for her that she did not eat.

My mother is crazy. She is not just sick. She is sick and crazy. She has hyperthyroidism and has lost a ton of weight. She is real skinny. Poor mom. She is also paranoid. She was scaird to be on the River Walk at sunset. The River Walk in Columbus is safe. Empty area is safe for pedestrians down here because it is the norm. There just aren't a lot of pedestrians.

Of all things, my mother wants to see a Wal-Mart which is good because I am buying both kitty litter and cough syrup. I'm going to ask the pharmacist to recommend a flavor that tastes good. I won't take vile tasting medicine. I have been coughing in my sleep and the coughing gives me nightmares. I don't dream about choking to death. I just have bad dreams because I'm not comfortable.

Tomorrow I am dropping the bomb about the holidays. I am coming north to visit at Christmas. I am giving ample notice. I haven't been in New York in more than four years. It's about time.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

by Eileen Kramer

I've just spent a while looking for an old friend of a Corbis photo and did not find it. I may have it on my hard drive somewhere. It's a picture of potatoes in every color of the rainbow.

I have tried handing off the RAOK Guestbook Committee to my chosen successor but I haven't heard back from her. I am sick of the thing, plain and simple. It looks like I'm stuck with it for the duration or until KindSoul kicks me off. Site Wars is changing its name and who knows when they'll be up again.

I'm looking at some really weird photographs by Brendan Regan who is a texture photographer. I'm not sure I know any one to whom I could send them as greeting cards. Some of them are just a little bit gross. Run the search on Corbis by typing in Brendan Regan and see for yourself.

I can't believe I teach at 4:30pm tomorrow. I don't feel at all ready. Tomorrow is a late day so there is no need to set an alarm. I should go out though and get kitty litter. My mother is coming this weekend. I asked for a day off on Friday and don't know if I have it. I'm also scheduled to work this weekend. Pam offered to sub for me in exchange for Monday evenings. She wants to work on a PhD. Pam is a colleague of mine. You only hear stuff like this about work by the way.

Having my mother come is a colossal pain since I have to clean up the apartment. I already have it vacuumed but the kitchen is unspeakable, and that's putting it mildly. I was going to go late and get the cat litter tonight but we had a thunder storm and with the temperature creeping down toward that dew point all night long, you can guess the rest. I was not going to get caught in it on the way to Walmart. If I get cat litter it will have to be tomorrow.

A colleague at work offered to give me rides all over the place. I don't want her giving me rides for routine stuff. I don't want her getting too involved in my home life. She might be very friendly but I want my privacy outside of work. I think she may be lonely. If she is then fine we can do something sociable but I don't want to be the one who is accepting favors.

Oh well, it looks like I'm getting to bed early. Well, not too early. I think I have an idea for some of those Brendan Regan photographs. I remember that back in the 1960's people made dresses out of all kinds of odds and ends. Well for cartoon dolls, it might be fun to play with wearable meat. I really need the sleep to function tomorrow. Everything is xeroxed and ready. I've been through my roster. I am going to have 27 students if they all show. I wonder if they will. I'm scaird. I'm always scaird. You never get un-scaird.

Monday, August 19, 2002

by Eileen Kramer

OK, I put up some decorations. I also added some margins via a single table. There is nothing better in this whole world some days than a colspan. This page uses my famous ambi-tile technology. Thanks to Equilter.com for the graphics. There are days when fabric patterns are a godsend.

I guess it is going to take a while for real blogging to begin. The dust is still settling as I fiddle with the template. Gothwalk, if you are visiting here, this is typical Elieen Kramer design. It's doing something like this which didn't take so long that makes me so galled by all the graphic crap I see on the web. I mean it is possible to do something interesting which you don't see every day and not have it look bad.

One of the nice things about a locked down blog is that I can discuss aesthetics freely. If everyone is a publisher, then everyone is a critic. Yes, I know that by some people's standards, my graphics are crude, but I like them. They appeal to me. They stay out of the way of text. They are serviceable. Maybe they are cute. I don't aim for perfection, but I don't think perfection is necessary. I try all sorts of things and keep what is interesting. OK, let's let this entry fly.

Sunday, August 18, 2002

by Eileen Kramer

OK why is this blog called QC-L? QC-L@psuvm.psu.edu was Gerald M. Phillips private email list. Near the end of his physical life, GMP (Gerald M. Phillips) invited me on to his private list. Remember this was 1995, and private lists were a big thing. You couldn't just go down to Yahoogroups and get yourself one.

Well the ostensible reason for QC-L's creation was that it was a place to discuss liberal politics without the conservative and noisey riff-raff barging in. QC-L is an acronym for Quiet Conversation. I got thrown off the list August 1, 1995. I found a pretty good substitute and decided I liked open fora better. Well, I've had my mind changed. For the same reasons that Dr. Phillips founded QC-L, I founded my own QC-L right here.

If you got in here, it's because you have the password. Otherwise this space is offlimits and pretty well invisible. The jibberish at the top of the blog is there so that if this page ever gets spidered, what appears on Google does not give away that this is a blog.

Yeah, I'm paranoid but they are out to get me. Let's just say I'm hard to get.

by Eileen Kramer

OK news in lots of little bits and pieces: First, I got better security software. It has ads but it does not blast the URL for this blog all over the place. I feel bad about having to keep all the great stuff that's going to be here under lock and key, but hey that's the way of the world.

by Eileen Kramer

Usually when I put a blog up, I say, this needs to be decorated. This is a plain stripped down template. Yes, it will have some decorations on it very soon. Since it's going to run with a big ugly ad stripe at the top, I'm thinking of horizontal borders with the ones at the top and bottom different sizes. I think this is doable. I may also add some cartoon dolls and definitely a logo. I'll do this as I find time.

by Eileen Kramer

Here is a test entry.