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Web Savvy

When you have a paper or project, you need to select your sources with care. In order to decide whether to use web pages along with books and articles, you need to know what kind of information you need.

Do you need...

How this Tutorial Works

This tutorial is eleven pages long. On the bottoms of Pages Four through Ten, are clickable illustrations that offer guided tours through web pages that illustrate good sites, questionable sites, and techniques for site evaluation. You can move forward or backward within this tutorial and visit the illustration pages as much as you wish.

When you are ready, there are brief quizzes listed on this page nad on Pages: Four, Five, Eight and Nine.

Table of Contents
Page 1 -- Welcome Page 2 -- Copyright Page 3 -- What Can You Find on the Web
Page 4 -- Authorship features quiz Page 5 -- Publishers and Style features quiz Page 6 -- Personal Pages
Page 7 -- Signs of Trouble Page 8 -- Oudated Pages features quiz Page 9 -- Bias features quiz
Page 10 -- Google Page 11 -- Scholarly Information Sources Page 12 -- Web Savvy Quizzes
Illustrations and Examples
Illustration -- Highwire.com Illustration -- Sweet Poison Illustration -- Kaiser Family Foundation
Illustration -- Aspartame Illustration -- Sonja's Pain Page Illustration -- Bennett Family Page
Illustration -- Mercola.com Illustration -- Term Paper Mill Illustration -- Dating a Page Using a Revision Date
Illustration -- Dating a Page Using PageInfo Illustration -- HFCS Facts Page Illustration -- "American Values"
Illustration -- An About Guide's Qualfications Illustration -- Google Search Results
Web Savvy Quizzes
Web Site Author Qualifications Web Site Publisher Evaluation
Dating a Web Site Web Site Bias