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This is a redesign of what I now realize was a clumsy reworking of my desktop work page. I am updating my HTML skills (which date back to the previous century) and preparing to learn Java with Web Programming with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript by John Dean. Before I can learn Java, I need to modernize my HTML, and this page was the obvious target.

Here are links to everything I need to do my work on the right and my do-list on the left. I update this do-list at least daily, with an occasional skip here and there.

I'm being honest with this do-list, but not too honest. I add DONE! or DEFERRED when it's done or if it can't be done. That happens too. Below is the list and to the right, links to work tools. Who says HTML and graphics aren't useful or that the day for lush pages has passed.

Friday 1/21/22
I miss you Lysistrata and Hertzel. It was way more than good while it lasted.
Real live reference 1pm -- 3pm
Back up (part of front up) 3:30pm -- 5:30pm
Available for appointments 3:00pm -- 6:00pm
Lunch Whenever
Pre-Shabbos Cook-a-palooza
Alma stone Library stone Library stone Library stone Library stone Library stone