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This all started because my brother is getting married, and he and his intended have two registries full of.... Well, I'm forty-two and single and jealous (I admit it) and also a bit angry. Since when does deciding to live permanently together and getting a legal paper entitle you to beg for overpriced luxurious goods from any one you know? Besides that, both my brother and his fiancee have each had their own households for a good many years. They are marrying "late in life" as they used to say. My brother and I each get cash gifts from our father on our birthdays too so that really makes all the begging inappropriate and....I wish I could do it too!

No, I take that back. I don't want to beg. Just having a house full of nice stuff would be enough to make me happy. I don't like the begging part all that much. Fortunately, I get paid every month and also get birthday and holiday cash gifts. Why not get a registry of my own and buy the things I want every pay check? I can have all the fun without having to wait until my boyfriend gets settled enough to commit, and if he does marry me, so much the better. I can enjoy all my goodies while I'm engaged.

Well I cold find a favorite store and set up a wish list to keep my purchases on track, but there's a small problem with that.I'm the one who's going to be paying for the goodies. You're not. That means I'm going to go where the prices are the best. Some of these goodies will never go on sale, but quite a few do eventually. Being tied to one store is a very poor economic strategy.

Anyway, here at the UNRegistry, I get to have my fun, keep my notes, buy what I want and tell all of you about it. I can make as much do about getting and spending as any engaged lady, but you don't have to spend one red cent on me. What could be better.

Well, I managed to get a pretty good vase at Pier One Imports and I orderd the siddur and machsorim from Artscroll so those items are off the list, so it's time for some new items.

mesuza cases Item #1R (R is for religious. I'm really not such a material girl you know) is a mesuzah complete with case. One has to buy the parchment separately, roll it up, and put it in the case. Then the nailing and blessings begins. It will be nice to have one of these beauties mounted outside my apartment. It will make the home feel blessed. The parchment has an excerpt from either Numbers or Deuteronomy on it. One is supposed to have mesuzot on all the doors of one's home (that means each room!) if one is at all religious but since I've lived in rented digs and the command has always been intimidating since I have always had way too many room doors, I've done nothing. I ought to change that.

tupperware On a more practical note, Item #1S (S is for secular.) are six Tupperware storage containers. These beauties are insect and rodent proof. The upstairs apartment has mice and niether the upstairs neighbor's little yappy dog nor my cats seem to be able to eradicate the little varmints. I smell their droppings in the cupboard where I keep my staples so I currently keep a lot of my staples in the freezer. This gift will be bought in two parts of three containers apiece and probably relatively soon. I'll be rotating it with the Fiestaware (see below). I broke one of my Fiestaware mugs so I'll have to replace it. Thankfully my color is current and rather new so Fiestarware is open stock. That's the nice thing about open stock.

Fiestaware in Shamrock

Well the Fiestaware arrived alive and well and Lou and I are eating off of it. Remember what I said about enjoying all these gifts while one is engaged or even if one isn't. Having an UN-Registry is a great idea. Because there are other things I would like to have, all Fiestaware items are currently a variety of ITEM NUMBER THREEs but let's just say they are a close third.

Well, no Fiestaware set arrives complete for everyone's lifestyle, and one thing Lou and I enjoy is our pasta. This is not item number one, but it is up there, pasta bowls. Four of them!

Then there is the butter dish. Yes, no more crappy imitation crystal plastic thing. I guess I'll give it to someone who is desperate for a butter dish. A good or even mediocre butter dish is hard to find, but Fiestaware has one and it matches and it is in my color. Long live Shamrock!

A Fiestaware butter dish!

And Lou enjoys his morning coffee with sugar and milk. Of late he has complained about the lack of sugar bowl and creamer. Well guess what I have here. We haven't ordered this beauty yet, but give me time. There are so many good things out there for those who want to get and spend.

sugar and creamer
Big casserole bowl And yes, here is a covered casserole bowl. I am short of serving dishes, and plain clear glass (crystal) and silver looks plain, austere, and ugly to me, but shamrock, my lovely Fiestaware Shamrock, now that is special. It is solid, has the potter's marks in it, and weighs a ton. It just feels like quality without losing that bright colorful appeal that says "I'm still pretty." Yes, folks, this is all a planned purchase so stick around. Nothing beats the fun of getting and spending.

very expensive glasses from the MOMA

Well ITEM NUMBER FOUR (It's not really number four because there is so much Fiestaware, so I'm not sure how to prioritize) is tumblers. I drink cold tea out of a plastic tumbler and I have a nice set of plastic tumblers with fruit on them, but I'd like to have some spify glass ones to go with the nice FiestaWare. These are about as spiffy as it gets, and they are outrageously priced to boot, but so what! I deserve it, and they look expensive.

Here is the rest of the stuff. It's on the list but not prioritized. It's just getting to be too long a wish list, but stuff moves up and I'll eventually buy it all. That is the beauty of the UNRegistry. Well what is a dining room table without a real cloth table cloth. I want either two or three of these beauties from Penny's. They have hunter green and basil. I might also get the burgundy one too. I like reds and greens remember. Should I buy cloth napkins too. We have a laundry across the street from the complex so it is easy to wash napkins and beats a run to the store. It is also more ecological, but cloth napkins need napkin rings. Yeah, I know about all that stuff. Where is Pier One Imports when you need them. The tablecloths by the way come from Penney's.

different color table cloths
my silverware pattern

And yes I still have a silverware pattern. This fine establishment will sell me a 45 piece service for eight for just $45.00 plus shipping and handling. Now, part of me would like to complete the set in a pattern I bought as odds and ends and liked. That pattern is Cordoba by Cambridge and as far as I can tell it is discontinued and very expensive to replace. It is just better economic sense to start from scratch. I don't know what number this is on my list of things to buy. I think the Fiestaware which is on sale has to come first. I've decided to hold off on buying myself any silver because I don't know thing one about it. I don't know about stainess either except that my pattern goes with the china I hope to someday buy. I know it's cute and gimmicky but I have cheetah throws on my old cot and two chairs to make a pretty good living room set and a tiger lamp from National Yes, they do have some good canisters too...Another wish list item? We'll see.

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