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This page is not just an update of the original Unfettered Soul People's University Library, it is basicly a new page from the ground up. Except for the midi, and a hand full of links, there were just too many dead links to check. The other page had gone hopelessly stale. Also, it is a fool's errand to build more than a personal portal. Of course I have a love affair with fools' errands. Still, I am starting with something small and manageable here.

My Midi Collection

I adore midi. They are small and some have excellent arrangements. Since my midi collection only had one dead link, it can stay and form the core of the new library.

A tune from the Andes.
A hard to find tune from the War to End All Wars.
Danceable Pakistani pop.
Dance to this Russian beauty.
A hot Puerto Rican dance number.
Ia Vernus
A very pretty Russian tune.
FluenceAn original midi composition by Tim Thompson
Widespread Optimism
Another composition by Tim Thompson
An exquisite creation from Puerto Rico.
More Puerto Rican dance magic.
A fun Indonesian folk tune.
African inspired jazz.
Afro inspired rock that ROCKS!
A pretty Macedonia dance tune.
Leap of Fate
Another gem by Tinm Thompson
The Mystery Midi
In seven years no one has yet named this tune.
Vira Vira
A Brasilian tune that was this site's original theme song.
A very pretty Arab tune.
An African inspired dance tune. This may be the only extent copy.
Chief Sab
A rocking Desai tune from Pakistan.
Excellent Pakistani dance music.
Purani Jeans
One of my favorite pieces of Pakistani pop.
Dry Wine
The first midi in this collection. A mellow Russian dance tune.

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Other Links

This table is for other links about which I care or want to visit or think you should visit. I will add more links as I find them worthy. I am starting with just two tables.

Sometimes you need to get around.
The Rail
Some day this site is going to ride.

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