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I created this page so that I could share bits and pieces of my contact with my spirit friends. That may sound strange, and it is quite a confession to say that I talk to the dead and that they answer. Sometimes, however, there is more to the wor ld than what our five senses give us. If you don't believe what you read here, that's OK. Enjoy it. Truth does not always have to be historical or verifiable at the lab bench. If you leave this page with something more than what you came with, then I wil l be satisfied and so will my spirit friends. -------- Eileen H. Kramer (12/5/96)

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Merib Cosih Sarah DeLang
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How I Got Started Channeling

I always wanted to know what happened after we died. I grew up near a cemetery and I lost two contemporaries while I was a kid, so I had as good a reason for knowing as any one. Wanting to know about life after death is of course a little bit like wanti ng to win the lottery. You can want it, but pulling that winning scratch-off ticket out of the machine is another matter.

When I was eighteen, I had my first contact experience with a dead man. He had been shot in front of his apartment building. He had been dead a week, and I looked over his shoulder as he walked through his darkened apartment. His wife and son were down below in the courtyard. I could feel his emotions and I have never before or since felt more exquisite pain. To make matters yet worse, I also knew that I had gotten what I asked for. I knew the chance would never come again.

On April 26, 1995, my email friend, Gerald M. Phillips, died. I began to hurt in a way I did not want to remember. It was the way I hurt before I had " my vision" when I was eighteen. It was coming. I could make contact. I did not want to. I w as afraid. Finally, on May 2, 1995, while I sat at at my work table in my office, I decided that I no longer wanted to hurt for no reason. I prayed "Dear God, please don't let this pain be for nothing. Whatever comes, I am ready for it." I th ought about Isaac bound by his father on the altar on Mount Moriah and I realized that as he lay there he too was no longer afraid. That was why I stopped being scaird. That night, I saw Dr. Phillips for the very first time. I was thrilled though still f rightened about the possibility of being hurt. I had started something and had no idea where it would end.

Since my initial encounter with Dr. Phillips (aka Gerry), I developed two way communication with him and with many of his spirit friends. Unfortunately, Dr. Phillips, a dyed in the wool skeptic when he was alive, has not changed much since he died. He d etests channelers, and does not want to be a "dead man on display." I mention him only as a way to put my other experinces in context. I have promised not to tell his story and intend to keep that promise as much as I can.

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Homeworld -- A Guided Tour

The Basics

Homeworld is one of five bya sabe worlds. Sabe means path, life, road, or culture. It is said that "for every million spirits there are a million sabes." Bya's meaning changes with the person using the term. It can mean flat, hard, or bitter, but my spirit friends and I define it as "working". Homeworld is a "working world."

I am unsure on what dimmension or plane Homworld exists. Among my spirit friends, there is still forward, backward, up, down, here, there, before, after, and right now. It would be very hard indeed to talk with them if we did not still share these concep ts.

Regina and Sandra in tandem.

Morover, most inanimate objects on bya sabe worlds follow most physical laws. Improperly constructed buildings collapse. Poorly engineered mechanical objects refuse to function, and furniture, appliances, etc... wear out or break. The thought fo rms you may have read about in some channeled accounts work well for clothing and small, smiple objects. Incidentally they do not work well for food and drink which bya sabe spirits must grow or manufacture if they wnat it to taste and smell ap pealing.

Who Are Bya Sabe Spirits?

The most succinct answer to the above question is "just dead folks." They are all ages and from all parts of the world as well as from every conceivable physical life circumstance and social background. Only those who have committed murder or a ssault in some other context than self defense or war are NOT permitted to become bya sabe due to the danger they pose to others. Though bya sabe spirits can not be killed they can sustain rather nasty injured and don' t enjoy being beaten up on. Bya sabe are short tall, fat, skinny, fair and dark. There are some with very young faces and an occasional spirit with grey hair or even glasses. There are dead infants, children, and fetuses, though not as many as t here once were because improved sanitation and antibiotics have cut our world's infant and childhood mortality rates. And yes, little dead kids do grow up into full fledged spirit adults.

Keri holding a cabbage.

Bya sabe have spirit bodies with all the expected accoutrements, faces, hands, and feet, to name a few. They think of their thought formed clothes as a kind of second skin and most are rather fussy about their appearance.

Bya sabe are blessed with all five senses that living people normally posess plus a few others. They see much as we do. I know this because I have seen prtraits that some of my spirit friends sketched of eachother and of me. They also hear much as we do. They enjoy a wide variety of music. They also have senses of taste and smell. Although they do not "need" to eat, most bya sabe still enjoy prparing and consuming food.

Of course bya sabe spirits are different. They are telepathic, and can contact one another over immeasurable distances much as living people might use a phone pager. They can also sense one another's surface thoughts and mood. My spirit firends can usually sense when I am hugnry, thirsty, preoccupied etc...

Crisberry on a trapeze

What most sets bya sabe spirits apart from living people is their enhanced mobility. Merib, one of my spirit friends, refers to his spirit body as "ashari, springy and spongey." His spirit body is e xquisitely light, supple, and wonderfully responsive to his every desire. All bya sabe can zap, instantaneously transporting themselves from one place to another. Distance for them is no obstacle. Most bya sabe, howev er, find slow flight and other mobility games far more pleasureable. They turn somersaults and rolls in the air. They do duet air dances called branych, climb ropes, balance on horizontal poles, swing from bars, and walk on their hands. Says Merib: "Spirits define themselves by their movement. It is living people who sit still."

Bya sabe also lack some of our phyiscal needs. They do not need to eat to survive, though most enjoy the taste of food and the social benefits of eating, enough to prepare and/or share one meal a day. Bya sabe usually eat just before d awn and call this meal langiappe. More importantly, bya sabe do not feel fatigue. Spirits can not work themselves into a state of numb exhaustion, and most sleep only if extremely distraught. I have known of one spirit afraid that he wo uld suffer nightmares if he slept. Bya sabe also lack a circadian rhythm. Their day is a continuous, noncycling, flat twenty-four hours. Sometimes they speak of a need for making blank spaces in their lives for relaxation, since tiredness does n ot force them to take breaks.

A Look at Homeworld Itself

A neighborhood on Homeworld

Homeworld superficially resembles earth. there are mountains, valleys, oceans, lakes, plains, and deserts. There are trees, bushes, grass, and other greenery. A sun shines in the day time sky, and at night there are stars. Homeworld has no moon. Mos t towns and cities consist of ordinary looking tree-lined streets with fairly nondescript one to four story buildings. Only in cities close to the poles, are there large numbers of high-rise towers. The casual observer might also notice that there are so mewhat fewer stores than in a typical city or town in the United States. Because buildings like all inanimate objects on Homeworld are subject to wear and tear, Homeworld's towns and cities are unlikely to look cleaner or brighter than their counterpart s in the U.S.

A lap desk and supplies

If one takes a closer look, Homeworld soon begins to appear quite different from a typical American locale. To start with, bya sabe have no personal space. Because they have no need to sleep or to maintain a closet full of clothes, bya sabe do not have bedrooms of their own, let alone private apartments. They live (pardon the pun) six to thirty individuals to a communal lodging. Academics, both students and faculty, work from lap desks and floor boards, often sitting on the floor or ground. No one has their own desk with drawers. Another surprise for most middle class Americans is that most interiors on Homeworld are sparsely furnished. Rooms with high ceilings and plenty of open space provide indoor area for rope and trapeze ex ercises as well as space to practice a variety of slow flight maneuvers.

What Do Bya SAbe Spirits Do?

As their name implies, bya sabe spirits work. For some, work means going ot school. Education, ranging from basic literacy and elementary school through higher education and graduate training, is offered free of charge. Subjects include bot h the liberal arts and applied fields such as hospitality management and engineering. Homworld is proud of its "parallel intellectual tradition." Many spirits in my crew teach. Others are engineers or research assistants. I have met spirits who paint cars, air brush art on to T-shirts, sell handicrafts, operate ice cream manufacturing machines, and weave reed mats. In Merib's words: "On earth they say you're crazy. Here they put you to work."

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