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The Samizdat Hot Stove

I created this because I got sick of the Snowager, Coltzan, Tombola, and most Neopian games of chance, but most particularly at the Snowager. He's never open at a convenient time of day and when he is, he has been awful stingy with the prizes lately. Then this morning he blasted all my pets with ice. It cost about 400NP and way too much time to get them healed. I know. Don't play games of chance. The house always wins etc...

Well, I can buy my own prizes and if you want to give yourself a random prize, all it takes is a little handy random number generator. In order to use this generator, you will need a Hot Stove Wish List with ten prizes on it. You can even add this list to your Neopets Userlookup. Then come over to the Hot Stove and give it a poke. The number that comes out corresponds to the number of the prize on your wish list. Then go and buy the prize for yourself using the Shop Wiz, the main shops, auction, or trading post.

This may sound lame, but it sure beats getting your pet blasted with ice, losing more NP than you wagered, or finding your favorite free game of chance closed. Also, you can come by the hot stove as many times a day and play as long as you have NP to buy what is on your wish list.

Finally, because the Hot Stove requires a wish list, it encourages window shopping and responsible buying rather than impulse buying. If in your travels, you see an item you are likely to be able to afford that you want, put it on your Hot Stove Wish List. Then when you have some NP saved up, come and poke in the stove and see if it pops out. Since you select the prizes for your Hot Stove Wish List, there are nothing but good prizes cooking on the Hot Stove.

You can of course also just try the hot stove out or play for outrageous imaginary prizes. Though you pay for your actual prizes, the Hot Stove itself costs nothing to play. So what are you waiting for, take a poke in the Hot Stove.

Please input your minimum value:

Please select your maximum value:

And here is what pops out of the hot stove tonight.