Samizdat Background Gallery

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Well you avoided all the fiction and essays and went straight for the pictures. That is OK. Here is what you'll need to add a background to your shop or user lookup. Also there should be ring table and regular table code here as well that you can copy. Each background image has a name. Where it says imagehere you need to substitute the name of the background image. I can remotely load quite a few images without running into bandwidth trouble. If there is something you would like to see here, that I don't have, you can send it to me as an attachment. I will add it to the gallery and give you credit. I also hope to open up a midi library soon. I will host midi files for any one wanting music.

I will not host graphics over 100kb in size or mp3's. These are too large. Also anything that I host must be shared with others since it will go in the gallery. That's pretty much it. Enjoy!

Unobtrusive (light color) Background Tiles

Here are unobtrusive background tiles. The url for all tiles is Remember to substitute the name of the image for the word, imagehere. This is a test > goes in which direction. and < goes in which direction. You will need this to write the table code.

creamy washi texture
rose washi texture
key lime washi texture
sky blue washi texture
white sand texture
yellow sand texture
avacadoe sand texture
sunset sand texture
cream marble texture
Colorful Tiles for Ring Tables

If you have seen the "blog" at CASSINI you saw a ring table. These graphics are for the outside of your ring table. They are not good for anything else except maybe web page borders. Again the URL is Remember to substitute the name of the image for the word, imagehere.

red and brown zigzag
blue weave
green nkumrah's pencil design
classic kente pattern
magenta duponi silk
blazing orange duponi silk
look a sunflower
orange poppy on blue background
green olives on a red background

Ring Table Code

If you have ever wondered how I made my userlookup or the "blog" for my store. Here is the code. You can change the inner color of the table by changing the hexidecimal code. Sorry, I code from the old school, but you can use ring tables anywhere. Remember to substitute the names of images from this page for imagehere And yes you can adjust sizes and widths of things too once you get the hang of putting these together. Go for it and enjoy!!!

<table width="95%" align="center" border="0" cellpadding="15" cellspacing="0">
<td width="100%" colspan="100%" height="25" align="center"
<td width="5%" colspan="5" background="">
<td width="90%" colspan="90&quoit; valign="top" bgcolor="#F6F6E6" align="left">
<! Here is where you put your text remember to use <p> and </p> codes to make it easier to read>
<! Here is where your text ends>
<td width="5%" colspan="5" background="">
<td width="100%" colspan="100" align="center" height="25"

It is easier than it looks. Remember a little html is a dangerous thing but html gets better with practice.