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RAOK makes ordinary men and women agents for kindness within social networks (Facebook and possibly others), on the internet, and possibly in the world as a whole. RAOK's members show their support with messages, wall posts, e-cards, and in numerous other small ways. You probably have the time for one kind act a day or several a week. Any one can be just a little kinder.

RAOK members support one another through their minor and major tragedies and congratulate one another on their triumphs. Our groups currently on Facebook and Yahoo Groups provide clean, well-lighted islands of civility and gentleness. RAOK members support one another in their efforts to promote kindness, and we reach out to acquaintences and strangers when we feel they can use a small bit of kindness, expanding the circle of support and human decency.

And if you wonder why you should bother to increase kindness in the world, think of the last time someone treated you as just another number or worse. If your own feelings matter, maybe feelings in general matter as well. Kindness is respect and empathy. With RAOK you can be a small part of the solution. You have the power. You can probably find the time. Being kind not only makes others feel good, you'll feel good as well.

Note: I am not sure if this is the offical RAOK site. I owe Candi and she knows this site exists. It is currently the only working RAOK site or at least the beginning of one. If you'd like to visit the official RAOK site, you can see it for yourself at Note: if you are a member and on Facebook, I have handed you the private URL of the members' area too.

Eileen H. Kramer (aka Roanna)
RAOK member since January 2000
December 21, 2008