Corkboard Unbound -- An Idea Whose Time Has Come

I used to be a Corkboard user. In fact, I was a Corkboard fanatic. It is one of the best software ideas around. In a messy office where papers often go flying, a day runner just won't cut it. Besides, what is my computer for. Corkboard's do-list was also a great way to help me stay focused in a world where deadlines were as fuzzy as the mould on a two week old sandwich. The clock and calendar were bonuses.

The trouble started the day I went to get some new add-ons for my Corkboard. I found I could register for free though I was willing to pay the $15.00. I liked my Corkboard that much. When I registered for free, I got a piece of malware imbedded in my browser that the Systems Librarian could not remove. It is fairly harmless but this is what it looks like when I type in a URL that my IE can't find.

Portal potty!

Worse still, we are getting new computers nad Corkboard can not come with me. I don't want it at this point due to its nasty malware, but I love my Corkboard. I needed a substitute, but what.... I found a custom screen saver program that will run unregistered forever or until I fork over the money which I might since I like that sort of stuff, but I wanted a do list, a calendar, a clock and a place to put sticky notes and bits of artwork.

Fortunately, I can code html and I had experience running my default page from my C drive. Why not create a web page that does everything my Corkboard used to do! Thus Corkboard Unbound was born!

The most important element of Corkboard is the do-list and sticky notes. The do-list needs to be something I can edit two or three times a day as I finish projects and get new items. Though I thought I loathed iframes, I found that this was a great use for them. A separate small and easy-to-edit page acts as my do-list. I also used Billsclock to provide an analogue java clock. Since this page runs only on my hard drive, it can run heavy with applets, graphics, etc....

Here is a view of the dolist

No Corkboard is complete without a calendar, and this is July's. The one I make for August will be smaller. I learned to make calendars for Ladies Advance. They start out in Word and get moved to PSP. I can always find nice art work to decorate them with.

Here is my calendar

And of course Corkboards have artwork. Corkboard Unbound has a whole gallery near the bottom plus several work related links. I will probably be adding a menu of linked midi soon, though I find that Winamp handles music much better because it can rotate a playlist.

Here is the artwork

Of course Corkboards are something one has to be able to edit easily. The old Corkboard was point, click, drag, and drop. This one is in html. Fortunately, I can code, but I need to have the pages close at hand for many edits during the day, especially the dolist page. Fortunately, I save everything for Corkboard Unbound in its own directory. I was able to set up a link in my taskbar directly to Wordpad in the cunboudn (Corkboard Unbound) directory. This makes do-list edits easy. I'm about to start my third do-list with Corkboard Unbound.

Corkboard Unbound is not an idea for everyone. First you have to be able to code html though I'll share the code for my unbound corkboard with any one who wants it. It does have some complex tabling in it. Second, you have to like working with a corkboard. Not everyone finds a graphics laden do-list to their liking. Third, your office has to let you use a "rogue page" as your default, monkey with your task bar etc.... Mine does so I have a Corkboard Unbound.

I guess you can tell I am really proud of my Corkboard Unbound. I am so proud, I just had to share the idea with everyone else. That's why this page. Thanks for bearing with me and if you want a Corkboard Unbound of your very own, just email me. You'll have to supply your own graphics including the clock face yourself, though I will send the jar file for the clock.

Eileen H. Kramer