think before you send
Because unethical e-card providers like Flowgo should be no go!

Here is how it starts: You've just received the cutest e-card. In fact it is not just a card, it is a page with a neat joke, a game, an animation, or Flash. You can't take your eyes off it. In fact, you like it so much you want to send it on to all your friends. DON'T DO IT!

The anatomy of opt-in by deceit. How Flowgo, Maillbits(TAFMaster), SuperTaf, and FunnyTaf all work.

The E-card Hall of Shame E-card sources to avoid and how to check for problem providers.

The Ecard Hall of Honor honest and interesting E-card sites.

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If that cute card comes from Flowgo you are sending both yourself and your potential recipients into an opt-in-by-deceit trap. Flowgo attempts to entrap both your card recipient and yourself, while Mailbits (TafMaster), FunnyTaf, SuperTaf, and of course Flowgo attempt to entrap any one who sends a card.

Flowgo and their kin are NOT doing anything illegal. Opt-in-by deceit is, however, highly unethical and when you patronize Flowgo and kin by sending on that cute e-card, you help encourage unethical behavior. This web site exists to teach the world how Flowgo and kin work, to help you avoid Flowgo, SuperTaf, FunnyTaf, and Mailbits (TAFmaster) cards, and to suggest helpful alternatives.

I made this site because I love E-cards. They are fun to send and should brighten both your and your recipient's respective days without leaving any ill effects later. This site is up to date as of February 1, 2004. It took some work to get past Flowgo's blacklist, but it's been done. The screen shots in some areas of the site are around six to eight months old, but they don't seem different from what is available now. Hopefully this site will encourage you to keep sending E-cards and help you avoid exploitive and unethical operators.

Eileen H. Kramer

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Guess what! We still have a FORUM where you can leave messages, feedback, good ideas, and constructive criiticism.

Life Without Corbis Cards

I've been working on a two pronged solution. I added three new sites to the Hall of Honor. Two are not particularly large while is a large and classic collection of roll your own sites.

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E-Card Features Continued...

And speaking of roll your own sites...

Rolling My Own I have been working on my own postcard mill. I found out as I did this that much to my chagrin, I had to deal with a rather interesting opt-in by deceit that occurs AFTER the card is sent. I put up a large disclaimer and added nine of my own images. I'll be adding more with time. My PSP8 skills have been expanding and my postcard mill is a great way to show them off. I am one of the lucky ones who can remotely serve images. featured search. Adolph Gottlieb is among my favorite artists, and his images are available through Just search for Adolph Gottlieb or just Gottlieb and you'll see a choice of classic minimalist abstracts that look like red sun's hanging on the horizon.

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