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Almost Dancing with Zwickies

I wanted to dance with my zwickies, but as I found out just a few minutes ago, they have more important things to do. They can't be bothered. Sometimes I get just a little too emotional.

What can I say. I needed to combine Camtasia segments together. It's not as hard as it looks. In fact, it is a lot of fun. Unfortunately, the zwickies weren't ready to dance in the air. One of them is even asleep now. Before I go to bed tonight, Geronimo, our male zwicky will indeed be pregnant with a single offspring. Oh well, zwicky move to their own schedule.

Gathering Turtle Eggs

Yes, Petable Turtles are still in business and our thirteen turtles are still busy doing what turtles do best. I haven't worked with Camtasia in a while, so I decided to test it out again and see what I remembered.

We needed to clean up the eggs. We even found a glow. I wish I had on clean clothes for this shoot, but you can't have everything. We also don't have any eggs from ourn newest turtle, Noor. The One Who Thinks She Knows resurrected her last night and in less than an hour....

Iyoba BatOni and Eileen H. Kramer -- September 15, 2011

The One Thinks I'm Going to be a Star

My One Who Thinks She Knows sometimes gets crazy ideas. She thinks right now that I'm going to get to star in a Second Life video and so is she. Like I said, she is CRAZY. Here is why?

Iyoba standing in her gardenNobody wants to put short, dark skinned, slightly overweight, middle aged, old school avies in a commerical. We are too realistic. That makes us scarey. We don't look powerful enough because we don't want to stomp on people with pointy heels or carry around big knives or pretend to arrest people or be a member of some secret army. People think avies like me are jailbait too. I don't care. My One who is 5'3" in her world gets "proofed" too.

Iyoba in the swing at Info IslandAnd this is me on the trapeze swing in the circus tent on Info Island. Yes, there really is a circus tent on Info Island. The tight rope doesn't work, but the swing does. It's fun because you can do flips on it. There's no net, but when do we avies get hurt if we fall. My One winces when I fall. I used to dust myself off, but I can't do that any more in version 3.0 of the viewer. Oh well...

And here is the One Who Thinks She Knows. She doesn't always know. She thinks she does. She's the one entering me in this video contest. Well, you can see she really is older than I am, and yes we both like bright colors, and yes she works as a librarian. No, I don't mind posing on a swing or with my hands on my neck. The One thought I was smiling. The judges will just laugh and pick a big, pretty avie to advertise their brand. The One says: "Nothing ventured nothing gained." That's the one for you!

Iyoba BatOni -- September 9, 2011