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Nostalgia Keeps me Going

Sometimes the sad parts of Second Life are what keep me going and keep me coming back. Just as my mirror neurons believe Second Life is a "real place" my memories do too. When it changes and places I remember disappear or change, I mourn and remenisce.

Monday night, I had a Devil of a time with Second Life. I had modem issues. Then when Iyoba and I finally completed our shift at the library on Info Island we wanted to go dancing, but none of the teleports worked and none of the parties were going any more. In a fit of disgust we teleported home which is still our 512 in Hartley on the mainland continent of Gaeta.

We decided to take a walk through the newly abandoned land. Abandoned land is great because you can bushwhack across it without fear of ban lines. When you have two many neighbors you get hemmed in. I decided to see if Iyoba and I could get to the sea. This walk has special significance because we made this walk in reverse with a few flight and teleport jumps to find the land in Hartley. We wanted green land. We wanted cheap land and the little 512 next to a furniture store that was never built was great. It still is in its own way though all my neighbors except for one that has been there about a year have changed. The world around our old homestead is unrecognizeable. We keep the land because it costs us nothing. It served as an emergency area for the turtles during the Snowcation when Imperia Corp I vanished and became Artina due to Katya Dirval (*hach pui* in your face).

We pushed south across Rt 7A and then across Rt 7. We passed a club with its dance floor many flights of stairs up. This club is utterly empty. We passed some private property and had to cut around ban lines. I crossed about four regions before reaching the shorte at Clemence. We stayed there a bit. I remembered visiting Clemence for the first time and wisely collecting a landmark. I had land fever and was wisely and unwisely waiting out my thirty days. Well, I listened to the man I had met in the new, chic urban neighborhood near Miramare on Samsara telling a likely prospect about the beautiful, undeveloped ocean land. He said it cost no more per month than dinner at Ruth Crist's steakhouse. I don't like steak, and that restuarant is too expensive, but I was learning to deal with monetization in a nonthreatening and safe way. The sales pitch was an invaluable lesson. I wandered the dunes getting a feel for Second Life mainland. I was glad I made the visit, and I was glad about it on Monday night.

Then late yesterday afternoon, it was time for sandbox therapy. I made Iyoba a new dress at Eternal Creations. Like the walk from Clemence, Eternal Creations plays a giant role in my Second Life and Iyoba's as well. It is a collection of Christian sims but they pretty much always welcomed everybody. I wish I were not writing this in the past tense, because yes something bad happened. The drama was elsewhere. It did not originate in Second Life.

My memories of Eternal Creations are of an excellent sandbox that is still there, libraries of tracts, and the clubs. There was always a friendly club where people listened to Christian music (I put up with the music or just turned it off.), talked and had real conversations, wore funny costumes, and in the winter went ice skating. There was a club in the sky. There was a club on the ground. The club got moved and vanished. For a while afterward there were games. I even considered renting there, but got dissuaded since I needed a small, cheap retail space.

Christianity and business are a funny mix, but not being a Christian, I had no cause for complaint. They ran a fun sim, and treated visitors wonderfully. So you are asking what happened. I decided to walk around and see. I saw lots of "For Rent" signs even for the big retail stalls, and these things are oversized. Selling all sizes of stall and even carts and advertising space might have been a better strategy.

And yes, I have sat at meetings where the owner pleaded for money to keep the six island archipelago going. I did not contribute. Second Life land is a luxury, not a right. That's why I make more clothes than plants, and have never gotten good with big builds. That's the economy.

The islands are still there, but I don't know for how long. Much of what I remember about Eternal Creations and its kindred islands is gone. The landscape has lots of bare spots and For-Rent signs. I feel bad about this. The recession is in large part to blame, and the usual disease of getting over-extended because Second Life feeds on verisimiltude and fantasy and hope. Have a dollar and a dream, build it, and they will come to rent it out. Yeah...sure. I knew unemployed Christians who had just rented a whole sim. Hope springs eternal until the tier payment is due. I should photograph what is still there, but I've been there and done that.

I even went back to visit Utopia Portugal. Of course Utopia Portugal XVIII where I rented my first decent land is gone forever. I got to wander around Utopia Portugal V where I first began my travels over the archipelago. In a way it was home in a way Hartley could never be, but I could say that about the Guaruja archipelago which is also long gone and even more so about Ilha Bella Gomorrah, where I tried to camp and mostly explored and learned about Brasilian dance clubs and DJ's. I wandered around the park outside the Xyngo club in Utopia Portugal V. It is all that is left that is even vaguely familiar and quickly, isntead of finding more mall, that led to more mall, that led to more urban area, there was nothing but desert. A map of Utopia Portugal shows both missing islands and a lot of bare spots. I'm not sure that what is left is stable. Some nights it seems like all the places to which I want to return in Second Life are long gone, and I wonder if this happens to everybody.

Eileen H. Kramer with help from Iyoba BatOni -- July 21, 2011

The One has a Turtle!

The One who Thinks She Knows got a turtle on July 4. She paid 5,000 Lindens for it. Then she spent even more to buy it a habitat. That means she gets online with me to help me collect our turtle eggs and watch the zwickies. I asked her if she is excited that Geronimo, our male zwicky is going to give birth this afternoon. She said she still is, but I can tell she is preoccupied.

She has just one turtle. I have seven. Her turtle will not breed. She says it does not matter. She says turtles are not social creatures anyway. She also says her turtle will take five to seven years to reach maturity. Second Life is only eight years old, so to me this is forever. I'm only three years old, but I was created as an adult so go figure.

I don't know what to make of Joie. I know the One who Thinks She Knows made me a new dress texture and we're working on a new build of a large platform that we may or may not deploy. I guess she is trying hard to stay involved. I should feel happy for her. I wish Joie, the turtle, did not make her so worried. Whoever heard of a turtle who did not eat.

Iyoba BatOni -- July 8, 2011

Yocheved and Subira

These are two of Iyoba and my zwickies, and they too have their own machinima. This is an .swf file made with Camtasia. It is single segment and I figure why not get July off with a bang. I promised Iyoba we'd get out of the movie business and back to the sandbox, but for right now I am enjoying this video blogging way too much.

Well, have a great Fourth of July weekend. Iyoba and I are spending some of it at least in the sandbox somewhere in Second Life.

Eileen H. Kramer and Iyoba BatOni -- July 1, 2011

A Very Long Machinima

I think of this one as educational since I am showing off some very basic and routine parts of Iyoba's and my Second Life. If you don't live in Second Life, you can see what it is really like for an established player.

The zwicky updater really took me by surprise. I decided to show how you update zwickies. Then Iyoba needed new clothes. This was kind of a no-brainer. The purpose of this was to test what happens when you put two segments togther in the editor. I was careful to keep the size consistent. I made this machinima as an .mp4 because it is smaller and friendlier for a lot of browsers that may not be running the current Flash player.

I finally got to speak in my own video. The One Who Thinks she knows let me talk. It felt like a lot of fun. We really do have two different voices. The One says I sound like someone with whom she once worked. This makes the One sad. Poor One.

I helped update the zwickies today and then I got changed for tonight even though I don't go out a lot on Fridays. One can always hope. I haven't worn my etrog dress in a long time. I really wanted to wear it too. OK, now I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go, but the whole world where people pay 750 Lindens to go swimming knows I exist and that I have a face and a voice of my own!

Iyoba BatOni and Eileen H. Kramer -- July 1, 2011