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Play Pretend Brainstorms -- Life Stories 599

OK, I log in to Brainstorms. I head to Life Stories. My old Life Story is buried. I remember how I always shared with my blog. What kept my level of trust so low, I'm not sure. I like to think now that back in 2004, I loved my blog, where nobody tells me to shut up and I can think my evil thoughts in peace. Hah..... I think I was thinking about QC-L. Private clubs on the internet are now hardly new. They are hardly news. They can throw out whomever they want. By 2003, I kind of knew, but craved the status. By 2012 nothing surprizes me, or so I tell myself.

So why am I back, even in play pretend form? Who knows...Sometimes I like the illusion of being behind castle walls. I have no idea what is really going on. The mellow, luke warm, minister still has his life story. I wonder what would have happened had he accepted at that big name college and kept up with everything. Would he have become a man of the cloth. I parodied him in Bikes and Kites and All Good Stuff. I am too lazy for a link to that story today. In 2012 he has become the character. I may as well consider the character a member of the Life Stories Pit.

Yes, it's a pit. I've come down. This is the cockroach trap under the refridgerator. The cockroaches don't think it's a trap. It is dark and warm here. There are even scraps of rotten food. That's the best kind. Humans can't reach with their poisons. We are all either resistant to the poison in the roach motel or don't need to go there. With kitchen scraps, who needs baits. We all rejoice in our roach-it-tude. Yes, that is a word! Roaches have existed for millions of years. We predate the World Wide Web. We are not moths who burn themselves out flickering around a flame, and we are morally superior to flies that land in fly paper and hang on display like criminals in a more barbarous age. Those two legs are quite barbarous though they think themselves civilized. So it goes.

The cockroaches can leave the warmth of their pit whenever they choose. They return and boast of their forays on the kitchen counter, down by the baseboards in the rec-room. They regale the other roaches with their tales of tidbits found in the office wastebasket. Oh those are the tastiest tidbits of all. Take my word for it.

But what is a cockroach without her trap....I mean home... I mean THE COMMUNITY. Hey, a cockroach in exile is just a bug to be stepped on, even if she is savvy enough to avoid the two-legs, so I'm back, whether it's real or not.

I'm a prodigal and I'm bond to be hazed, minimally of course. They ask where I've been. I'm all for starting a thread about Second Life with pictures. This makes me disreputable, but the others are glad, I've finally found a safe spot on the reservation where all imaginative souls belong. Hey, and I'm down to one avatar. I was not going to play Caltha and Typha. I can't play a kid without drawing on my 1970's childhood which works fine for role play/fiction, but not for a believable avatar. I know when I am out of my league. Also kids are prisoners. Do I want to live in their world? Hell no!

Site fighting is almost dead. I need to write about that. Yes, there is going to be a site fighting thread but not here in the pit though it should be here in the pit. It's going to Life Online. Then we have a Second Life area. Sorry no more Neopets, I have more self respect than that. It was there when I needed it. It was like making tracks in sand. Cockroaches don't like to leave trails for nosey two legs. Cockroaches have survived for eons. Two legs have been around for millenia. It is good to be a cockroach. We love the space under the fridge. We are safe here...as long as we get along with one another.

Eileen H. Kramer -- January 17, 2012