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They want you! The folks who build web pages to tell their stories of triumph or tragedy or to showcase their art, music, and other creative efforts. Why not give your support? It's fast. It's easy. It's welcome. You decide where you want to go and sign their guestbooks with graphic gifts or send the page owners e-cards with encouraging messages. Support the bereaved or those dealing with illness, congratulate the artis, musician or poet, admire patriotic pages, or visit sites of those with new members in the family, pets, or a new marriage.

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Pages that feature art, music, and other creative interests Pages about family, pets, and good times. Pages that deal with wildlife, nature, conservation, and gardening.
Pages about particular religions or cultures. Pages about political and social issues Includes 9/11 offerings. Pages about death and disease.
If you are new to the world of giving support and attention readSupporting Strangers to learn more about support work at its best.
Song is Joy to the World/Jeremiah was a Bullfrog just click to enjoy.
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This page features a fairly wide variety of lists leading to pages in various categories. I have tried to be as diverse as possible, but have probably left out someone's favorite interset or cause. As I was putting the tables together, I found that many sites, especially those on controversial issues or put out by groups do not have guestbooks. Most do have mailing addresses, so please e-card the web masters.

Most links lead to web ring lists or top site lists. From there choose a page you think you would like, read the story, and sign its guestbook, or send the owner/creator an e-card.

If there is something you would like to see that I have left out, just email me. and let me know.

Creativity and Interests -- Music, art, painting, and other interests and hobbies. Let these individuals know you appreciate what they do!
Precious Angel Graphics If you've ever wondered where the graphics on memorial sites come from, you can find out. Remember taste is personal. Espectro Home of Art Postcards. Send a card to a friend or yourself and give an artist an encouraging message of support. Paintshop Pro User Group Web Ring This is one of the web's largest groups of amateur artists. Check out their work.
Musicians and Midi Makers Note: these are pages by people who create midi from scratch, not collections of popular tunes.
Midiots Midi Composers Web Ring Ninty-six sites huge. Enjoy the music. Original Midi Composers Web Ring Seventy-four sites of original midi and MP3's for your listening and signing pleasure. Electronic Music Ring Plenty of sites with midi and MP3 of dance, trance, techno, and other electronic tunes available and also guestbooks ready for your compliments.
Other Exciting Pursuits
Rocketry This web ring's name says it all. These young men build and fly model and high powered rockets. What a hobby. Let them know they have cool pages. Birder's Web Ring For bird watching enthusiasts. Some of these sites probably have interesting photos. Take a look and give these owners a note of appreciation. Fun Crafts This is a ring for crafters of all type. Why don't you take a look at what they do and let them know you appreciate it. Note: some of the sites are commercial.

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Family, pets, and good times -- These are pages about family, pets, children, weddings etc... If these are a bit sweet for your taste, there are other categories here.
Assorted Family Sites
Made from the Heart An assortment of kid safe family-oriented web sites. Over a hundred sites for your guestbook signing pleasure. Forever Friends Another ladies group that comes with a web ring that features plenty of family fare complete with guestbooks. Family Websites Built by Grandparents Websites built by grandparents which means lots of pictures of children and grandchildren, just waiting for you to admire them.
Babies, Infants, and Birth Stories
Pretty Girls Handsome Boys Proud mothers' display their childrens pictures and barg, brag, brag. If you enjoy children in general, this ring is for you. Millenium Babies More baby and toddler pictures for you to admire via the guestbook. Mommies on the Web Site List Proud mommies with pictures of their kids and guestbooks for you to sign.
Wedding and Romance
Best Wedding Pages Doesn't every couple think their wedding is the best? Wish these couples congratulations via the guestbook. Note: some of these may be static and out of date sites. The Newlywed Ring A wedding web ring that is less likely to become outdated. Congratulate the couples in their guestbooks. Engaged Couples Wedding Web Ring These are couples making their wedding plans though a few of the sites might be stale. It is a huge ring with plenty of guestbooks to sign.
Furry and Feathered Friends
All Creatures Great and Small A huge pet and anti-animal abuse web ring. If you like animals or animal abuse is your "cause," This is the web ring for you. Adopt a Shelter Pet The ring for any one who has adopted an animal from a shelter or wnats to encourage others to do the same. Lots of pet owner sites here. Precious Babies Web Ring Pages about furkids, what else. Oh pet memorials too...
Fish Keepers Web Ring A ring for those interested in keeping tropical fish, gold fish, or marine aquaria.. The Reptile Ring Sites that have "anything to do with reptiles." Check them out! America's Quarter Horses For horse lovers, try this ring and enjoy!

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Wildlife, Nature, and Conservation -- These pages deal with wild animals, nature, plants, and horticulture.
Wild Animals
Born Free -- Leave Us That Way! A ring to raise awareness about conservation of big cats. Yes, there are organziations that do this such as WWF, but why can't the little guy do it too? Save Endangered Wildlife Website owners who are interested in saving endangered species. Wildlife Ring This ring takes any one concerned with nature, wildlife, and environmental issues. Some of the sites may not have guestbooks. You may need to send e-cards.
Land of the Wolves Personal sites about everyone's favorite wild creature, and these sites have guestbooks! Ocean Friends Web Ring A ring for any one who likes the ocean and the creatures that live there. Hopping Frog Web Ring A ring for frog and amphibian lovers. Not sure whether all sites here have guestbooks, but use e-cards to send your compliments and encouragement.
Plants, Gardening, and Horticulture
The Gardening Site Ring A ring for all gardening-related web sites, including personal pages. Not all pages have guestbooks and some are indeed commercial. Flowers and Herb Lovers Web Ring A ring for people who really love flowers and herbs. Friends of the Garden Webring's largest gardening webring. Some sites are commercial and not all have guestbooks but these are still fun and you know where the e-cards are.
Conservation, Nature, and Biodiversity
Nature Sites Connection Sites dealing with ecology, nature preservation, and conservation. There are nearly a hundred sites in this ring though many will not be personal pages or have guestbooks. Nature and Forest Conservation Web Sites Sites that deal with preserving forests and nature. Some sites will be for groups and others lack guestbooks. Get ready with the e-cards and email. Small Holding/Small Farming, and Self Sufficiency This is a ring of family farmers, mainly in the UK and Europe. Many of their sites have guestbooks, and if you like all things country, you might enjoy the visit.

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Religious and Ethnic Groups -- You may believe we are all one, but that's not much help if you have an interest in a particular religion or culture. Note: some of these sites will try to proselytize.
A Heart of Worship God-centered Christian web sites. Sites in this ring may very well proselytize, but if you like Christian sites, enjoy! Response WWW Ability Porn free Christian sites, many of them personal home pages with guestbooks. Witch Haven A haven for witches and their websites.
The Pagan Circle Paganism and related topics, often on personal home pages with guestbooks. Jewish Women's Web Ring This small ring is the best I can do for a general Judaica ring. Most of these sites appear to be personal. Stop by and say hello. The net needs more Judaica sites. Converts to Islam This was the best Islamic web ring I could find. Moslems like Jews are not heavily into building personal religious pages or linking them together. If you find a better web ring I'll be glad to put it here.
Association of Bhuddism A small but well maintained Bhuddist web ring. If someone can find a larger and equally well maintained ring, I'll includ it. Meanwhile, many of these sites may not have guestbooks. Please send ecards. Hinduism and Spirituality This ring is small and scrubby. Many pages do not have guestbooks. If you can find a better ring or listing, I'll gladly put it here. Freethought Web Ring A web ring for atheists and atheist clubs. Guestbooks may be missing, but I bet the atheists would like your attention. I shouldn't have to include this but if atheism is not your thing, don't visit this ring.
Cultures and Ethnic Groups
Exploring African Americanism A small ring of family safe sites with African American themes. Native Dreams and Visions A webring for Native American sites, some of which have guestbooks. Jerusalem Web Ring A Zionist web ring about Jerusalem. It looks like there are personal sites in the ring and they may have guestbooks.

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Political and Social Issues -- These pages cover everything from 9/11 to domestic abuse to assorted other political/social issues.
Popular Causes
No Cruelty to Animals Ring Though laws against mistreatment of animals have been on the books for a hundred years, this ring features those who either agree with those laws or want to expand and toughen them. American Tragedy No list of webrings would be complete without at least one for 9/11. Here it is more than five hundred sites strong and probably quite a few with guestbooks. USA Pride A patriotic/September 11th webring. Many of these pages are personal and have guestbooks.
Help the Innocent Children This ring helps missing children come home to safety, though how a web ring does this is beyond me. These are heartfelt personal sites complete with welcoming guestbooks. Victims and Survivors of Child and Spousal Abuse This is a well maintained survivors' web ring. Most of these sites are personal with welcoming guestbooks. Enjoy! Survivor of Abuse A relatively large web ring for survivors of domestic violence and rape. Most sites are personal and/or have guestbooks that welcome your entries.
Controversial Causes
The New Ring of Liberals Political pages by those left of center. Note: the language is not always "family safe." and the sites may not have guestbooks, but the ring is large and well maintained. Legalization Activist Web Ring A web ring for those advocating legalization of marijuana. If you do not agree with this cause, this ring is not for you. Many sites may lack guestbooks. Assorted antisanctions/antiwar in Iraq pages This is NOT a webring. It is a list from Google's directory. Most are not personal pages so you may be sending e-cards. Once again, if this is not your thing, please avoid it.

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Death and Disease -- These pages are written by parents, caregivers, disease sufferers, or the bereaved. Some stories may be harrowing, and these pages can make certain people feel a bit voyeuristic. Others find visiting this type of page especially rewarding.
Support in Sickenss
Hugs And Hope Will accept e-cards rather than guestbook signings. Watch the spam traps. Families Coping with Cancer A web ring for families with an afflicted loved one. Asthma Sufferers' Web Ring Many of the sites in this ring either have very old guestbooks or none at all. Consider sending ecards since most owners list an email address.
Beyond Madness A web ring dealing with mental illness sites. Not all sites have guestbooks. You may need to send e-cards. Fibromyalgia Web Ring Many of the sites on this ring do not have guestbooks. You may need to send e-cards. Post-polio Sufferers' Web Ring Polio can strike a second time.
Rare and Unusual Diseases
Anencephalic Angels A ring of websites by the parents whose children died of anencephaly. Potter's Syndrome Web Ring Potter's is another rare and fatal congenital condition. Rare Chromosome Disorders This ring is by parents of children born with rare chromosome disorders, many of which are lethal. These include partial deletions, rings, and trisomies.
Bereavement and Loss
Starlight Memorials Yes, this is a Topsite vote for parents who have lost children of any age. The sites are there though and you know the owners would love you to sign their guestbooks. Made With Love Web Ring A wide assortment of memorials to lost friends and loved ones. The Widows/Widowers' Web Ring Pages built to honor decesased spouses, many with guestbooks where you are welcome.

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