Tune is "Ripe Mangoes" composed by Eileen H. Kramer.

Ladies Advance Pressie Gallery Page 2

Here is a second page of pressies to use either to decorate your own page or to sign guestbooks. To decorate your page, download the pressie to your hard drive and then back to your server. Otherwise, cut and paste the magic link. tacheiru.us comes with unmetered access and allows remote linking which is just great for guestbook signers.

Note: this page only has four graphics. They could use some company. Yes, I take graphic donations (hint hint) and they do not have to be in my distinctive style though I will give my polygon templates to any one who asks.

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red iris circle graphic
<img src="http://tacheiru.us/
advance/advance7.gif" alt=" red iris circle graphic">
sphinx cat banner
<img src="http://tacheiru.us/
advance/advance8.gif" alt=" sphinx can banner">
danish flag poppy banner
<img src="http://tacheiru.us/
advance/advance9.jpg" alt=" danish flag poppy banner.">
cream kente banner
<img src="http://tacheiru.us/
advance/advance10.gif" alt=" cream kente banner">

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