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Ladies Advance Activities Page

Here is where you'll find out what kinds of activities are available for members of Ladies Advance and interested others. Since we are a relatively small and new group, there will not be tons of activities here, but what is here, is hopefully fun. All activities are voluntary. If one or more don't appeal to you, then don't do them. If there is an activity that you would like that is not here, then just ask for it. To return to the Ladies Advance main page, please click here.

Here are our current activities....

Angels Gotta Fly

Provide support and encouragement to other web masters by leaving messages in their guestbooks. To find groups of web masters with guestbooks that await your kind words, stop by the Angels Gotta Fly page and then start flying. The Angels Gotta Fly page also features everything you wanted to know about giving support but were afraid to ask.

Support the Iraq Peace Team!

Carole Gilbert, Jackie Hudson, and Ardeth Platte are due to go to trial in Georgetown, CO within the next ten days. This means they will be out of jail, probably with time served and no longer snail mailable. In short, we need a new activity.

I'd love to support those witnesses for peace in Bagdad and Basra. Any one who is risking their life to bear witness to the carnage the United States government plans to rain down on the Iraqi people is one very brave person. It is these brave souls who will have the inside story of the war, that our corporate media will be too cowed to tell.

Anyway, the official URL for the web site for these witnesses is here. They are called the Iraq Peace Team, and they are an offshoot of a well known and reputable group called Voices in the Wilderness. Voices in the Wilderness has been bearing witness of the devastation caused by sanctions in Iraq. They are hardly Johnny come latlies. None of the peace witnesses has personal email but the organization has it's own email at I will be writing them and ask what sort of moral support we can offer. Until then, I assume that encouraging greeting cards and email are always welcome.

If you do not agree with the politics behind this activity and think we should be supporting the United States military instead, I will very happily post a pro-military, adopt a soldier/pray for a soldier/what have you activity if you can find the sites and get me the URL's and a brief description. One of the benefits of being active is having a voice in what the group offers.

I work full time and have been swamped lately with admin work. I tend to do the research and pursue those activities that interest me. Items that I disagree with don't get research. That is up to you.

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Shamless Self Promotion

Well that's what it is. If the Iraq Peace Team is not enough or maybe too much for you, you can always try shamless self promotion. The way this works is simply to sign guestbooks and leave the URL for Ladies Advance, htt:// Since many people with guestbooks visit the sites that sign there, this will mean visitors for us and possibly new members.

There are even pressies available to leave as graphic gifts in the guestbooks you visit.

Good places to look for guestbooks to sign are:

If none of these suits you stop by RingSurf pick out a ring of your own. Follow the ring or follow entries within guestbooks of sites within the ring. Leave our signature in their guestbook and invite the owners back here. Shameless...huh...

Our Recipe and Food Board

Face it we all eat, which means most of us cook. Our Recipe and Food Board is a great place to post recipes because it keeps them listed, visible, and well organized for others to find later. Of course you can also enjoy recipes that others posted. So stop by the board and leave your recipes today!

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